analitza wasn't yet in repos but I think cantor and kalgebra also need be rebuild

Qt 5.12 in general works great

No regressions noted

Therefore please consider pushing this update again to testing , bodhi let you do that . Thanks


unpushing this updates made package be removed from updates-testing , branched is now with qt5-5.11 [1] and not with qt5-5.12 as you expect I think

hum , now qt5-5.12 is not in any repo (base , updates or updates-testing)

dnf distro-sync will downgrade to qt5-5.11

akonadi and kdepim are broken deps and need to be rebuild against qt5.12 .

So far works very well .

works for me too

BZ#1674164 git-extras-4.7.0 is available

can we unpush this update ? current devscripts is devscripts-2.18.4-1.fc28.x86_64

fixes the transaction error

BZ#1669800 /usr/share/kf5/sonnet/ conflicts

Big regression ext4 file system corruption ->

This just hit Slashdot: "According to a text file uploaded on GitHub, Saint Petersburg-based researcher Sergey Zelenyuk has found a chain of bugs that can allow malicious code to escape the VirtualBox virtual machine (the guest OS) and execute on the underlying (host) operating system."

One example article:


His github repo has the technical details. He shows how you can create a console shell to start on the host by using a buffer overrun in the guest:

The "disgruntled security researcher" part is difficult to read and understand due to broken English. More info is available on his github page.


no regressions noted

No regressions noted

you just need build python-offtrac-0.1.0-16.fc30 on f27 , and make it work

BZ#1530703 Drop the dependency on packagedb-cli

nothing provides python2-offtrac needed by fedora-packager-

but Package python-offtrac-0.1.0-10.fc27.noarch is already installed, skipping.

BZ#1530703 Drop the dependency on packagedb-cli