BZ#1546515 git-extras-4.6.0 is available

Hi, @besser82 you have one unresponsive ticket ( ) could you reply to it ?

@philipp , so Attachment #566640 (Add clamav+mimedefang integration subpackage patch) still valid ? , I can merge it if you think that is a good idea . Thanks

@timeless I think you are talking about , we may reopen for el6 , but I'm not confident that will be fixed on el6 because package have many differences to el7 and Fedora packages ... and also el6 will be eol in less of 2 years

I don't have security bugs opened and haven't check the blogs , so I choose bug fix by mistake

Hi, forgot to warning sooner but we need rebuild some packages this package is a soname bump


yeah also fixes my dolphin huge borders thanks,



Dolphin is not right , have huge borders on start up

I tested several things and I don't see any regression. About performance I don't know if it is worst.

Problem 1: problem with installed package qt5-qtwayland-5.9.4-2.fc27.x86_64 - package qt5-qtwayland-5.9.4-2.fc27.x86_64 requires qt5-qtbase(x86-64) = 5.9.4 Problem 2: package qt5-5.9.6-1.fc27.noarch requires qt5-qtwayland, but none of the providers can be installed

after remove qt5-qtwayland-5.9.4-2.fc27.x86_64 (and qt5 metapackage)

dnf  --enablerepo=updates-testing update --advisory FEDORA-2018-8ee8501523

works fine

you mean ?
Now rpm -q --list clamav-data-empty should be (contains no files)
and in /var/lib/clamav/ only have .cld and not have any .cvd

rpm -qf /var/lib/clamav/*

Me , we are preparing the same update on el7 your bug is reported against clamav-unofficial sigs last update was for F18 , and one Update to upstream

we need this in build root to test it properly


no regressions noted, uptime more or less 48 hours