This update has been unpushed.

I've unpushed this update and replaced it with FEDORA-EPEL-2018-15ca1a25ca that addresses the dependency issues. Thanks!

Thanks for catching that. On EPEL 7 it needs to depend on python-backports, not python2-backports. I'll fix that right up.


No regressions noted and the cockpit MOTD support is quite nice.

I have not seen 1536356 since applying this update.

No regressions noted and it fixes for me (which should be added to the errata)

Gah, pushed the wrong button.

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.


Tested this on aarch64 rpi3+. I didn't see any issues not already present on 4.16.2-300

Confirmed, this update resolves the firewalld bug. I tested by doing the following:

  1. Installed F27 with all stable updates
  2. firewall-cmd --add-service=freeipa-ldap --permanent
  3. firewall-cmd --add-service=freeipa-ldaps --permanent
  4. Rebooted
  5. Updated to the fixed package (I did this after the reboot to confirm that the initial state was recoverable)
  6. firewall-cmd --remove-service=freeipa-ldap
  7. firewall-cmd --remove-service=freeipa-ldaps

All went well.

@jcline No, I was planning to file it these last two days, but hadn't gotten to it. Then I grabbed the latest build to see if it was still there before I filed it.


Basic functionality appears to work fine. Additionally, this update resolved a serious issue I was having with the Nouveau driver on my Lenovo P50 laptop. Previously I couldn't select the external monitor as the primary monitor within GNOME because it would result in terrible flickering on that display. This is no longer the case on 4.16.3.

The unnecessary log lines are gone now.

BZ 1565757 can be most easily tested by adding inst.updates= to the kernel command-line while booting an F28 nightly installer image. If it works, you should see the new "construction blocks" Server Edition logo instead of the older "Hamburger Menu" logo


This fixes the D-BUS Manager.Reload() issue.

@lslesbodn Can you please retry now that it has hit updates-testing? The messages above imply that the problem is because the 1.0.4 version was still in the repodata trying to Obsoletes: python3-modulemd.

I removed that from 1.1.0 and once 1.0.4 is yanked from u-t repodata, this problem should go away.