Your guess about RHEL would be completely wrong, as was stated in the description.

The reason not to give negative karma here for this reason is because it is not a problem with this package. The issues are external. This will work as soon as CentOS catches up. Which, I will point out, it has now done in the CR repository:

See for the individual packages.

I will update the description.

Works for me with ReviewBoard.

BZ#1475536 Review Request: python-pygments2 - Syntax highlighting engine written in Python

This fixes the issues I have been seeing on ARMv7

BZ#1466017 valgrind reports errors for all applications linked with on ARM

Thanks for catching that; I built python-flake8 for EPEL 6 as a build-dependency of python-tqdm but forgot to include it in this errata. Fixed.

@dcoshea Thanks, I have now packaged python-tqdm for EPEL 6 and attached it to this update errata. Please retest.


Fixes #1460825 for me.

BZ#1460825 [abrt] PackageKit: pk_backend_refresh_cache_thread(): packagekitd killed by signal 11

Working for me

This update has been unpushed.

@msuchy yes, I realized that and modified our scripts to pass config_opts['use_bootstrap_container'] = False, but it is still a change in expected behavior. If nothing else, it should probably fall back to using the non-bootstrap version if the packages needed for bootstrap are not present.


This version of mock attempts to enforce the presence of dnf dnf-plugins-core distribution-gpg-keys in the chroot, which breaks builds of minimized environments (such as those using only microdnf). Version 1.3.4 worked properly.


This resolves the issues I was seeing with enrolling with Active Directory. I also confirmed that this does not regress enrollment with FreeIPA.

BZ#1445017 After enrolling in an AD domain with realmd, no responders are started

Correction to my note above, I had reported the upstream bug rather than the downstream bug.

BZ#1444669 [abrt] gnome-software: gs_page_reload(): gnome-software killed by SIGABRT

This update fixes the crash I was seeing in BZ 1444669

BZ#1444669 [abrt] gnome-software: gs_page_reload(): gnome-software killed by SIGABRT

No regressions noted

@anonymous: Can you log in and give karma again? Unless you do, this will remain in testing for another week.

1393373 appears to be fixed by this update.

BZ#1393373 selinux causes certain gnome-disks operations to be 25 seconds delayed

Fixes 1393379 and doesn't introduce any other obvious issues.

BZ#1393379 partitions can't be created nor removed in gnome-disks, cockpit

This update fixes BZ #1391522

BZ#1391522 unknown input device type 'virtio1.0-input'

Apologies for the churn here, folks. I think it's in good order now, so if you wouldn't mind re-testing, that would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the feedback. You're right, I typoed the release field in the dependency. I've got a new build running now that should resolve this. I'll amend this update as soon as it's finished.