Newest version of the nodejs package drops the epoch on the virtual Provides: for npm(npm) (it remains on the virtual Provides: for npm so that users upgrading with DNF from earlier pre-releases aren't broken). This fixes some issues with the automatic dependency generator, specifically with kosmtik which has a metadata.json explicitly looking for npm < 4.

This update has been unpushed.

This can be tested with any current Fedora Server 24 install media (such as the Alpha candidates). Simply add the following to the end of the kernel boot line after booting the DVD or netinstall:



Looking good to me in Alpha-1.6 as well. Cockpit and rolekit are both available properly now. No more %post warnings about grub2-mkconfig either.

BZ#1317721 cockpit.socket not enabled automatically on Fedora Server installs

Working fine on my laptop.


Working on my Fedora 23 Workstation laptop.

BZ#1282059 cockpit web interface not showing any information

This update appears to fix BZ #1264193 for me. With 1.8.2, I get a long timeout trying to start docker, then it fails. With 1.9.1, it starts up in only seven seconds.

I've tested this myself rigorously and it works well.

BZ#1274905 Upgrade of FreeIPA to Fedora 23 failed

Working fine on F23 Workstation


Tested with FreeIPA on Fedora 23 as well as upgrading from Fedora 22 to Fedora 23 with freeipa-4.2.3-1.fc23


Working properly as far as I can tell.

Tested with rolekit on Fedora 23 Beta. Works great!


I've been running this locally with no issues so far.

Worked fine for me in Server release validation testing

Looking good as of F23 Beta RC1

BZ#1260875 Cannot log in as root after install of recent Fedora 23 images

This latest version works perfectly in my tests

BZ#1239089 /etc/issue in Fedora server should contain cockpit URL

This update includes a new systemd preset for Server that is incorrect (it was meant to have been removed from the pull-request list for fedora-release, but it sneaked in anyway).

This will cause issues when chronyd is installed, as it will compete with timesync to set the system clock.

BZ#1239089 /etc/issue in Fedora server should contain cockpit URL

Looks to be working for me and fixes an issue I had with the previous version not working with rubygem-listen 3.x

Testing succeeded on basic functionality as well as BZ #1239090 and BZ #1251320

BZ#1251320 rfe: please change login to not add /bin:/sbin to $PATH

I was attempting to edit this update to include BZ #1239090 as fixed by it, but Bodhi 2 appears not to be letting me do this (but it's resubmitting it for testing anyway...) I'll file a Bodhi bug on that, but I wanted to note here that this BZ should be tested as well.