Testcase Gnome Accessibility Everything worked fine except: 1. Snippet from testcase(A notification should tell you that slow keys were turned on, and offer you to turn it off or keep it.) ===> No notification displayed 2. System(VM with 2GB RAM and 1 CPU on virtualbox) got bit laggy but tolerable after enabling zoom

Testcase Gnome Initial Setup $ gnome-shell --mode=initial-setup --replace (gnome-shell:9011): mutter-WARNING : 22:36:06.056: Failed to create backend: Could not take control: GDBus.Error:System.Error.EBUSY: Device or resource busy $ sudo !! sudo gnome-shell --mode=initial-setup --replace [sudo] password for siddharthbarhate: Window manager warning: Unsupported session type Not sure if this is a bug or issue at my side**

Testcase Gnome Shell Most of extension are for 3.36 on Gnome tweak tool worked fine.

Testcase gnome-shell dash When clicked on Activities->show applications, when bottom two application icons are being right clicked, they open a slanting mini-window. This is a bug right? I will add it at bugzilla. I am new to fedora hence not very sure how to file it at moment. Also, will have to check if it is already submitted. Will post another comment here if I do so.


Working fine for me


Everything is working fine.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse