You're on Silverblue, right? In that case that's expected.

Yes, my apologies I should have mentioned that I'm on Silverblue.

I didn't write my comment about RPM's not showing up as an issue, but rather wanted to confirm that it works as expected. This merge covers several related issues, including some that affect Silverblue specifically. Specifically how Silverblue shows RPM packages by default in the upstream Gnome Software in Gnome 43. See original details above: "Hide RPM packaged applications and prefer Flatpaks over RPM package applications on Silverblue 37."

See related bug report over here:

Works for me, "Fedora Linux" flatpak package are prioritized over "Flathub" ones, and I cannot see RPM packaged applications at all unless they're already installed on the system. Which is basically the same behaviour as Gnome 42 and earlier.

I'm a bit unsure about the fact that it chooses it's prioritization of Fedora over Flathub using the alphabet, as it may lead to issues with non-Latin alphabet (the alphabetic order may change, no?). But I'm not 100% if that is an issue, as I know very little about any other alphabet.

BZ#2135289 RPM packaged applications are presented in GNOME Software and preferred over Flatpaks on Silverblue
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