Thank you!

Tested for a while from the built RPM. The bridge in task switcher is no more :)

Tested with Discord. Preview seems choppy (with VRR enabled), but that's likely unrelated.

Tested with Discord, works the same as 0.2 :)

It's definitely way snappier and doesn't make the CPU cooler go brrr. Thanks!!

Any chance this could include 453b1cb207cf3ce35b906c21c9f04a17d66074a7 in QtDeclarative from KDE patches too?


Enables rumble in xbox series controllers connected via bluetooth.

Boots and functions as expected. No regression tests were run.

5600X / RX 6800


I had the audio issue with 5.19.8 (I skipped .9). With .10 I can use my outputs as per usual. Giving the karma back.

However, looking at the above feedback, seems like this is pretty random and everyone is having different experience with each fix version release.

The AMD audio issue should be theoretically fixed with

It's present in v6.0-rc5. The mailing list that I linked doesn't mention it just yet.


This version results in missing output for digital audio through HDMI/DisplayPort on my RX 6600 XT. The output is available when booting with 5.19.7.

Might be related to Though I wouldn't know why this specific version doesn't work and not all 5.19.x are broken.

After this update, the Breeze Fedora SDDM theme doesn't work properly. First boot gives an option to log in, but the background is white. Logout causes black screen. The cursor is visible and it's clearly in SDDM (as the display layout is wrong and not what I have on desktop).

The Breeze theme works OK.