ffmpeg is FTBFS due to -Wint-conversion and -Wincompatible-pointer-types errors unrelated to tesseract:

(I mean testing)

The new update is now pushed to updates: FEDORA-2023-c0ac8784e8

Apologies, there was an incorrect branch merge which went unnoticed, though no package was built at the time. A security fix backport now ended up with the incorrect version being built. I'm preparing a gdal-3.6.2-8.really3.5.2.fc37 to fix this.

Yes I forgot to add the dependencies to the update, I've done so now.

This update has been unpushed.

Oh darn I accidentally submitted to f37 rather than f38...Will delete this update!

@nyalldawson Soname bumps in released branches are discouraged, so unless there are strong reasons, I don't plan to push this to F32.

@alone Isn't CDB a Windows thing?

This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

I tried with VLC and it correctly paused the music. It didn't work with flash, but I suppose this is because it does not declare it's stream type and hence pulse does not know whether/how to pause it?

The updated link is fwiw.

qt-creator-3.6.0-2 [1] will also include the clang code model.



  1. This is a Qt bug which should be fixed with qt 5.6. The beta version is already available in rawhide, the stable version should be out next February.
  2. Indeed, looks like LLVM_INSTALL_DIR needs to be passed to qmake when building qt-creator. Trying this out now.

@brallan Please file a bug and post details, at least a gdb stacktrace. Likely unrelated to qt-creator since you appear to be the only one to hit this.