Last one from me. It is scsi tunnelled through sata. Should be the issue linked. Dude who worked on that code came up with a good prank.

To note, not on scsi. I think this one is using sata.

Might be this problem here but I'm not looking into it further, just going to stick with kernel 5.12.14.

You might as well push out more kernel updates. More people having it should only help fix the silly problem.

Nice to say if you don't have a disc tray constantly popping out lol. Its mighty close to a prank. Very similar in nature. You don't have to like it. I don't either.

What's to say? Its an Asus dvd drive. It pops out on resume with kernel .15+

4 for 4 resumes tested. Currently both kernels starting with 5.12.15 pop out my disc tray on resume. I don't really want prank kernels. 5.12.14 and older doesn't pop it out.


Congratulations to the one who got my disc tray to pop out every resume with this kernel. Job well done. Good prank.

Not to turn this into a support thread (I won't be replying again) but that's not really what I meant. I know you said that but it does appear to be very specific in that others have it working on kde plasma wayland

Maybe its a vm only thing? I don't think anyone else mentioned being on vm.


At the very least it works fine here on gnome including ublock addon install using only firefox-90.0-1.fc34.x86_64.rpm. It would definitely have to be kde specific or some very specific configuration.

Working as I expect anyway. Didn't specifically test the bug listed but general use is good on my system.

Freeze only since 12.5. Maybe coincidence but adding it here "watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#10 stuck for 804s!" - AMD Ryzen. 29 kernel related errors during the freeze in problem reporting! I have to currently take back my thumbs up from earlier. Something to possibly be aware of. Haven't seen this at all previously.

Good so far. No noticeable issues. Nvidia proprietary + AMD Ryzen.

"As mostly every time for as long as I remember, screen output does not work after grub menu, which is solved by reboot, but that was always the case with nVidia (it's a temporary card right now)"

What does that mean? I don't have this problem with a 2060. It probably shouldn't be happening with a 3070 either. Might be from rpmfusion or an issue from other reasons.

Appears to be working good. Not seeing any problems so far. AMD Ryzen + Nvidia.

Seems to be working same as last or about that. Whatever that is anymore.

Mistake pulled. Yes, I know you don't build this ;-)


Getting problem reports on X11 when running this version " 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'show'" Says application quite despite it still running.

Git version built after this doesn't have this problem so not sure if it was fixed after or problem with this build.

Seems fine so far

Guess this may be replaced by .7 but so far it seems to be working fine for me.

Seems like it fixes recent unstable crash issues from the last one or something like that. Last night couldn't even use Fedora 33 reliably. So far no problems since updating to this one! I feel like this one works.

Issue seen with 1.20.9-1: xorg-x11-server quit unexpectedly Xorg killed by SIGABRT


Boots and works. Currently not seeing any issues.