The game works, but the package doesn't seem to put a version requirement on SDL2_mixer. When I upgraded only the game package itself, the executable failed to run.

hedgewars: symbol lookup error: hedgewars: undefined symbol: Mix_PlayChannel

After upgrading SDL2_mixer from 2.0.4-11.fc37 to 2.6.2-1.fc37, the problem went away.


Just werks™.

Oh, interesting. On one hand, it would make sense to ask Thunar's maintainer to drop the file; on the other, it would be simpler to disable building the blueman-thunar subpackage.

Games using SDL2 build and run without any issues.

BZ#2073673 SDL2-2.0.22 is available

Seems to have fixed fedpkg mockbuild failing after the f36 branching.

BZ#2032534 moby-engine-20.10.12 is available