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Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
BZ#1443967 There is no option to skip the media check.
BZ#1444002 There is no information about the image and log location.
BZ#1443926 Iso image written to a media instead of raw image.
BZ#1444030 No warning is showed when there is insufficient space on the drive.
BZ#1444058 Media is written even if it is smaller than the image.
BZ#1443986 Unintuitive button to display additional flavours.
BZ#1443953 When downloading an arm image there should be information about supported hw.
BZ#1444196 preinstalled shortcut to launch the application do not work
BZ#1451945 mediawriter-4.1.0 is available
BZ#1446284 Starting from F26, Mediawriter should require udisks2 instead of storaged
Test Case USB fmw