This update has been unpushed.

That is still under investigation, sorry. But clearly, this update should be retired...

@adamwill it is probably related to the changes how NetworkManager configures systemd-resolved. Is it possible to add some printf debugging statements before the failure? In particular resolvectl ; nmcli device ; ip addr ; ip route.

Btw, yesterday we also released 1.28.0 which is now in rawhide (package "1.28.0-1"). That might have exactly the same problem. Does it?

Thank you for having extensive CI tests! That is awesome!!

@decathorpe I think this is fine as a zero-day update, or even later. Since this is an unusually large change, I would give it plenty time in testing. No rush.

@andilinux, thank you for the feedback!! It is however not clear to me what's wrong here. It would be great, if you could provide more information by opening a bugzilla or an email to the upstream mailing list (

@pbrobinson: that would be a surprise, because the difference between (previous) 1.10.8 and new 1.10.10 is very small. Also, there is not enough information to identify the issue. Consider opening a bug. Thank you!!

@bluepencil, there is not enough information to figure out why it crashes for you. Consider opening a bug and providing a backtrace. Also, install NetworkManager-debuginfo package.

This update has been unpushed.

It's unclear what exactly means "Cannot save password and private key. Show passwords is not working.". Does 1.8.0-2 fix the issue?

This update has been unpushed.

NetworkManager doesn't launch wpa_supplicant. The supplicant is started via D-Bus activation. Whether that includes -Dwext or not, is not related to NetworkManager. Please open a bug against supplicant, if you want to change that. On fedora, that is configured via /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant

wext is enabled on Fedora ever since, in particular for this package too.

@dimitrisk, I don't have any say in that, but I would hope to not get it, because it still breaks all users of openvpn and use the deprecated --tls-remote option in their ovpn files (not NetworkManager users). I don't think such a change is f25 material.


2.4 removes the --tls-remote option, which breaks existing configurations for users on F24. Even worse, NetworkManager-openvpn plugin on Fedora 24 does not support the --verify-x509-name. I voting -1 for pushing such an update to old-stable f24 release.

By the way... the bugfix in this update only matters to users who use dhclient as DHCP-plugin. That is however the default, unless you explicitly configured "dhclient=internal" in NetworManager.conf.

pushed to stable, because f24 has exactly the same package which already passed testing and got enough karma -- which also resulted in a upgrade-path warning