WFM, and required to work correctly with current GTK3 versions.


This update fixes IMAP GSSAPI authentication issue. No regressions observed.

BZ#1256276 curl: imap GSSAPI authentication does not work

This seems to be an initial push of the package to EPEL6. Hence is should be marked as enhancement rather than security update. I assume incorrect update type was chosen by mistake, as Fedora updates were submitted as enhancements.

Is this intentionally called type:security? Is that for bug #711758? That does sound like a bug, but security implications are not obvious. TY!

There's a typo in changelog - CVS-2010-3704, which I corrected in the notes above.

There's currently no IMP in EPEL5, so this is enhancement. Feel free to revoke this request if the push to EPEL5 is/was not intended.