python-isodate-0.5.4-1.el7 is in rhel - please retire this package and go for python3-isodate instead.

FTBFS on mock when using epel6 testing.

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in /usr/share/php/TheSeer/Autoload/Application.php on line 89.

Not sure which one is broken, php-theseer-autload on testing or php-pear-CAS.


Thank you, this fixes the dep issue.


Package is not installable on el6 because it has dependency emacs-filesystem which is not available.


Because python36 rebuild vertica-python would need to be rebuild.


This upate obsoletes createrepo which is a rhel7 core package. That is not allowed by epel policy. Please remove that obsolete.

BZ#1686742 update createrepo_c to 0.12.1

Package is not installable because it depends on two binaries whic hare not available on rhel6.

unresolved deps:


python34-psycopg2 has since been added but python2-psycompg2 is not available so vertica-python still needs fix for that.


There is a dependency issue:

combblas-mpich-devel-1.6.2-0.1.beta2.el7.x86_64 unresolved deps:


Virtual mpich-devel provide on mpich-3.0-devel doesn't include cpu arch. I guess it is better t odepend on mpich-3.0-devel(x86-64), package itself has correct provides.

I Don't see a new python-pyvirtualize build with fixed dependencies. I think you missed the point in my complaint before. Is this bettery way to show the issue?

python2-pyvirtualize-0.9-2.20181003git57d2307.el7.noarch unresolved deps:


python34-pyvirtualize-0.9-2.20181003git57d2307.el7.noarch unresolved deps:


python36-pyvirtualize-0.9-2.20181003git57d2307.el7.noarch unresolved deps:


This doesn't work on el7.

[/usr/lib/systemd/system/netatalk.service:17] Runtime directory is not valid, ignoring assignment: lock/netatalk

You should use tmpfiles on epel7 or PreStart command mkdir -p /run/lock/netatalk.

Afaik only problem which was a build dep missing has been fixed as a separate update FEDORA-EPEL-2018-22bb904daa

Yes, just do that. Only issue there has been resolved on separate update.


Correction - ghc-rpm-macros which are required have already been published as a separate update four months ago. So it is ok to publish this

Packages can't be build with published ghc-rpm-macros - updated macros which is in koji is required in build root.

wine has dependency on vulkan-loader(x86-64) - there is no vulkan-loader package on rhel7.


python2-vertica-0.8.2-1.el7 depends on python2-psycopg2 - that is not available, rhel7 has python-psycopg2.

python34-vertica-0.8.2-1.el7 depends on python34-psycopg2 which is not available.

Not safe to push because ghc-rpm-macros update needed is not included in this update.

User Icon tis commented & provided feedback on condor-8.6.11-1.el7 2 years ago

glite-lb-common and glite-lb-server need to be rebuild against this new condor. Afaik no other modifications needed. So just rebuild those two packages against update and it should be ok.

User Icon tis commented & provided feedback on condor-8.6.11-1.el7 2 years ago

The dependency issue is blocker for this update.