It turns out the magic sauce is:

sudo dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb

To enable the Code Ready Build repository. This is "included" with CentOS/RHEL and considered part of the delivery, just not enabled by default.

LGTM, confirmed several Gnome apps were using the library, and working as expected.

LGTM. Converted several svg with different options and displayed them.


Works on my x86_64 machine.


LGTM. Built new images using docker commands, used podman-compose to execute them.


Working for me

Works well, audio, video, bluetooth, etc and the basic tests pass on a Dell Inc. XPS 17 9700.


Successfully built several CMake projects.

Works, ran through several basic options with partition and LVM successfully.


Since my multitude of Gnome apps are working as expected, glib2 library seems to be working as expected.

Tested by building a few projects I had laying around. Everything ran as expected.

Loaded up an image and experimented with a number of the plugins. Everything as expected.


Loaded several images with GPS, and a gpx track file.


Loaded a map, loaded a track, created a track, and saved a project.

@mattia hmm, I only recall filling in a blank, not changing any existing title. If I don't provide a title does it autopopulate one? (this was in the file popped up when running fedpkg update)


Loaded several GPX files and exported PDF/PNGs. LGTM.

BZ#2143883 gpxsee-11.11 is available

Everything working as expected.


Ran a number of commands to confirm things work as expected.

Confirmed new version and tested out a few commands, including the new df json output.

Confirmed the updated version is present and tested convert and montage on a few images.