All the query commands I used worked perfectly.

Works great.

Works on my XPS 17 9700.

Works for me.


Works great.


Working for me.

Working fine for me.

Worked well on my python project.

All my typical usage worked perfect. Checked both podman and the docker wrapper.

Works great.

Worked fine with fedpkg & fedora-review.

Works well for me.

Everything looks to be working well.

Systemd file in the correct directory and extensions run without errors.

Installed well and ran. All extensions now load with the patch for explicitly importing Gtk3 libs.

BZ#1936182 Ulauncher extensions crash with Gdk error

Launched and connected to my other system fine. Tested file sync in both directions as well as file deletion. No issues noted.

BZ#1915151 syncthing-1.13.0 is available

Works well, no issues loading a previous config file or a new file. Vi search mode works, running with tmux works. Everything was smooth.

Loaded my existing config fine. Launched preferences gui and added a couple new keywords and tested. Test with multiple extensions with no issues encountered.


BZ#1898968 Listing an installed package from a specific repository not operational
Test Case base update cli

Looks good to me.