BZ#2189506 app using libfreeimage can't start: "/lib64/ undefined symbol: _TIFFDataSize"
BZ#2152226 Udev on Fedora 37 ignores custom hwdb entry
BZ#2152385 libpipewire-module-x11-bell needs to be packaged separately

@chrismurphy, sorry, my bad, this regression was introduced in the previous version, not in this.

This shim has a regression, it does not allow to work with third-party enrolled certificates or binary file hashes. It always shows security violation screen, regardless what is enrolled into moklist using mokmanager or efitools keytool.

This does not affect fedora-signed binaries like GRUB and possibly other bootloaders, but this functionality worked on a previous versions.


Now wireplumber doesn't crash upon resuming my laptop due to restarting bluetooth.

BZ#1946757 Update package to v0.6.3 to fix crash

This version does not use settings of the previous version. My RSS subscriptions are empty with this version. Reverting to quiterss-0.18.12-3.fc30.x86_64 shows my subscriptions again.

Also, there's never version available already: 0.19.1