Revert build in - will make an update manually once that's done


It seems that the previous rpkg update broke centpkg installation:

 Problem: conflicting requests
  - nothing provides python3-rpkg >= 1.65 needed by centpkg-0.7.2-1.el9.noarch
  - nothing provides python3.9dist(rpkg) needed by centpkg-0.7.2-1.el9.noarch

Whereas this update seems to work.

This update has been unpushed.

We're in a situation now where C9S is shipping before Fedora, which is always a sign something is rather wrong (IMO).

It seems like the test failure may be related to ?

But, anyways since C9S is already shipping this I think we should too.

Only tested the librepo update with rpm-ostree, but seems fine in a quick sanity check.

Just noting this includes a format change that broke the rpm-ostree test suite:

Note that the fixes from are "compose side" - doing a client side override won't help much.

That said, we could perhaps also look at automatically handling this client side, but the goal is to get this update on the compose servers now.

Still feel free to add any karma for client-side testing that we didn't regress anything. Or if you're feeling adventurous, test the compose side.

I haven't fully debugged this but this update broke rpm-ostree in multiple ways. See


This should ship now.