This is a pretty important security update - any reason not to push the button to ship it?

Seems sane, not sure we need more than one person to test this for AH anyways. Are we thinking that we'll release F29AH as is and this will be a post-release update?

This depends on FEDORA-2018-16c78b3d92 - but it's "locked" now so an admin will need to move it back to testing.

Martin, do you really mean this to go in batched? Seems like this should ship ASAP, as usual there's tons of remote code execution flaws.


It's not runtime dependencies but build time. It looks like the master commit which dropped platform-python bits indeed will break dnf builddep dnf.

This broke at least the libostree GPG unit tests, we're still investigating:

This is going to require (and the same thing for f28, and then a in workstation-ostree-config)

Let's queue this for batched so it makes it out then?

Yep, 1515118 was a showstopper for me.


oc cluster up WFM.