WoW! I started to use Chromium a while back, and it was glorious. Thank you for making Chromium for the masses; everyone owes you a great debt of gratitude. What you did was awesome, and it is sad. I am not much of a coder, but I am a philosopher, and I offer a eulogy (yeah, it's a program, I know; I have not lost it, work with me here).

Today, I eulogize something beautiful under the most tragic of circumstances. It is like the death of a child, something created and has part of that creator in it. We are left with the questions of what if and why. It was not due to a faceless disease or defect inherited from the parents; it was murder. We know who did it. The killer is someone that we once gladly welcomed into our home. We trusted them with our personal communications, our many questions, and the records of our lives, all with the singular promise not to be evil. That was the first lie, but not the last.

The friend that we once trusted turned on us, and in secret, they practiced the dark arts and were possessed with the spirit of Google (for they are too many). Today, they have killed their brother Chromium, and his code still cries out from the ground, but are we listening? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and now they have become death: the destroyer of worlds.

Prince Chromium is dead, and now we are left with his useless brother sitting on the throne and breaking nuts with the royal seal. The King is dead; long live the king; now, what about us?