BZ#1409867 Review Request: python-btchip - 'btchip-python' is a library used to interface with Ledger hardware devices (Cryptocurrency)

Every time I logout/login the desktop is reset or is black due to plasmashell crashing.

Likely that multi-monitor setups or external monitor setups will run into:

This particular update is making my desktop very difficult to use, whereas the previous version had zero issues.




My previous comment about powerline being to blame is incorrent. It is konsole's new empty "Initial Directory:" setting. You will get this error message if the field is empty. Karma restored.

Upgraded powerline-2.4-3.fc24.x86_64                                     @updates-testing
Upgrade            2.5-1.fc24.x86_64                                     @updates

Seeing the following error on new terminals:

read() failed: Connection reset by peer

If I look at bash debug output:

+++ powerline shell aboveleft --width=136 -r.bash --last exit-code=0 --jobnum=0 --renderer-arg=client_id=16866
read() failed: Connection reset by peer

It's caused by the above powerline shell command



BZ#1338504 dnf upgrade (to 1.1.9) broke bash completion
BZ#1214768 history userinstalled lists should print NEVRAs instead of names
BZ#1361003 dnf.plugin.copr ( cls.config_chroot returns None (affects setting dist in /etc/dnf/plugins/copr.conf)
Test Case base update cli

As the reporter of #1351782 this fixes my issues and works for me.

BZ#1351782 owncloud client starts but settings window unable to show: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow)


BZ#1351471 When trying to restore files, duplicity hands and complains about missing python2-pexpect
--> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Package: duplicity- (/duplicity-
           Requires: python-pexpect

Was this intentional for EPEL 7? I filed the bug for F24. This would be a major version upgrade (though honestly a welcomed one, 6 is deprecated by the project)

BZ#1351471 When trying to restore files, duplicity hands and complains about missing python2-pexpect

Tested and working. No longer need to manually change out KDE icon for fedora icon anymore, thanks!



BZ#1342715 Conflict with okteta4-libs package

It works, but I noticed on one system it was installed twice, alongside 2.1.1-2.fc23

On another system, I had an undefined symbol issue:

owncloud: symbol lookup error: owncloud: undefined symbol: _ZN9QKeychain17DeletePasswordJob6setKeyERK7QString

due to what i believe was me catching qtkeychain-0.6.2-1.fc23 during an update.

All was well on both accounts when I did dnf remove owncloud\* && dnf install owncloud-client


Sorry, meant to give karma as well after a copy-paste but forgot

BZ#1259865 call `dnf mark install <pkgs...>`on packages installed from PK

This works as I would expect it to.

My test case was htop I first removed it, installed it with apper, downgraded it with dnf, then upgraded it with the system-tray updater (im a KDE user)

Under all circumstances the file had the correct reason in /var/lib/dnf/yumdb/h/*/reason and as a result showed up under sudo dnf history userinstalled and was not wanted to be removed by sudo dnf autoremove


Tested and working, thanks!

BZ#1209019 Missing default login shell for new users

Tested and working, thanks Rex!

BZ#1209019 Missing default login shell for new users

no noticeable regressions