BZ#1893427 Verbose debugging enabled by default
BZ#1825510 chromium: crash on startup - (autofill?)

As I mentioned in the bug report the browser starts with a clean user profile.

Another thing when it manages to start is that the browser menu (the one you get on the three vertical dots) appears to have a broken layout

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Unfortunately crashes for me on startup. bug: 1825510

Unfortunately crashes for me on startup.

Unfortunately crashes for me on startup. bug:

Unfortunately crashes for me on startup. bug:

FWIW I had an update for F30 after release to 1.3.4 lined up sometime ago but decided against it because the abicheck didn't look good. Changing libs midrelease somewhat betrays the promise of stable. Regardless of what in Fedora uses it, we have to care about the outside users as well, /me thinks

@leigh123linux See my previous comment. You are not testing this update but the previous one


Upgrade shared-mime-info-1.13-1.fc31.x86_64

This is not this update for shared-mime-info but the previous one. Please make sure you are testing 1.13.1 not 1.13

Revoking due to abi changes

This needs additional fixes for Disabling auto-push


Fixed tunneling here

Basic flatpak and flatpak-builder functionality works here. Installed without issues

BZ#1487806 flatpak-0.9.10 is available

This is not specific to this update. Its a consequence of selinux-policy labeling all thumbnailers with a a specific restricted selinux context.

I filed a docbook5-style-xsl bug , lets see how that goes. Thanks

Thanks for testing and reporting these issues.

Would you please open a new bug for this particular breakage. I've thrown a cursory look at the xml and its just two <para>'s in a table entry so if its broken its probably a bug in the dockbook5 xslt .... But I am short on xml/xslt knowledge so any help would be welcome.

Works for me

Test Case Gnome Clocks