This version seems to break systemd builds. I filed and just now.

BZ#1752745 rubygem-asciidoctor-pdf-1.5.0-0.10.alpha.18.fc31 is not installable

It'd be better to merge this update with FEDORA-2019-723f2b467f, but bodhi refuses, even if this one is unpushed. Too bad.

Ooops. You're right, I didn't bump the number correctly. But it's not worth rebuilding and losing karma at this point.

Strange: has expiration date 2019-09-28, but bodhi says it expired 7h ago. openmpi-4.0.2-0.4.rc2.fc31 was built 3 days ago. →

Problem 2: package openmpi-4.0.2-0.4.rc2.fc31.x86_64 requires

Somehow, this got rebuilt against old hwloc. Maybe the buildroot override expired? I'll start a new build and edit this update.

I forgot pmix ;(

Edited to include the latest openmpi build. Please retest and readd karma.

BZ#1747415 mu cannot be installed: nothing provides python3.7dist(matplotlib) < 3.1 needed by mu-1.0.2-3.fc31

Hmm, on F29, mock still doesn't work with

$ sudo rpmkeys --import /usr/share/distribution-gpg-keys/fedora/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-32-primary
error: /usr/share/distribution-gpg-keys/fedora/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-32-primary: key 1 not an armored public key.

@smvarela: did you recreate the initramfs?

BZ#1698230 dippi-2.7.3 is available
BZ#1701012 Many packages require rebuild for Meson 0.50.0 execstack bug

@bluepencil: those two issues don't seem related in any way to this upgrade. Please file a bug for the selinux issue.

I can reproduce the enablement issue locally. I'll investigate.