... and please put me in cc.

@bluepencil: please open a normal bug ( with all the details. It doesn't look like something related to this update.

Yikes. I reverted the one patch that I think was causing the selinux issues. Journald will use more memory, but not as much as before. What the patch did was to periodically drop the entries for all dead processes from the cache. This now is disabled, so the cache will always stay at the maximum.

What is slightly surprising, is that patch is present in rawhide for a few days, and nobody reported the issue. So maybe nobody has selinux enabled ;)

BZ#1640912 pcp-system-tools: please add Provides: dstat, Obsoletes must be versioned
BZ#1640913 dstat replacement does not do newlines correctly
BZ#1626835 gdk-pixbuf2 conflict between x86_64 and i686
BZ#1627459 Include GNOME 3.30.0 in Fedora 29 Beta
Test Case calc

@anonymous: I think it's unlikely that this is related. Maybe open a new bug with additional info (the error message, logs, cpu architecture).

You might need to click +1 on more fields. Probably the last one is what counts.


The scriptlets/filetriggers seem to work fine.

Please submit this for batched. Previous version is not installable.

gnome-maps is not showing any maps for me, but I don't know if this is related to this update in any way.

OK, thanks. So that looks like a bug. Karma threshold is +3, and it was reached 6 days ago, according to the log above, and the package was submitted to batched. But it should have been submitted to stable automatically. For some reason that didn't happen, until you did that three days later.

No really. "security" is the "type", but I'm asking about the "severity" field. It is now "urgent", but was it so when the update was initially submitted?

@landgraf: was this update originally labelled as security/urgent? I see that it went through batched and spent two days there, which shouldn't have happened if it was marked as urgent.