BZ#1501802 nothing provides python2-backports needed by python2-backports-functools_lru_cache-1.4-3.fc27.noarch
BZ#1482202 Review Request: dbus-broker - Linux D-Bus Message Broker
BZ#1466908 Fedora 26 Final build of fedora-release needed

man mypy is garbage: I don't think this is important enough to block the update though.

Seems functional in general, it parses various simple examples.

BZ#1460515 Review Request: python3-typed_ast - A fork of Python 2 and 3 ast modules with type comment support
BZ#1397901 python3-mypy should be updated to v0.511

Review done. Now I get the following error: /usr/share/typeshed/stdlib/3/builtins.pyi:615: error: Cycle in inheritance hierarchy. I'd guess that our typeshed version needs updating.

I now installed the f26 build on f26 and I get the same error.

Just running it from the command line:

$ mypy

The typed_ast package is not installed.

You can install it with python3 -m pip install typed-ast.

Thanks for the fast response!

However, I installed the F26 package under rawhide, and it fails on import of typed_ast. It seems that typed_ast is not packaged yet.

BZ#1397901 python3-mypy should be updated to v0.511

Crash is fixed.

BZ#1415137 java-1.8.0-openjdk: NSS 3.28 update causes core dump

Update: fedpkg build also works if koji upgrade is forced. For some reason dnf excluded koji from the upgrade.


fedpkg upload still works after the flag day. fedpkg build does NOT work. (But it's probably better to push this to stable, since it is clearly better than what was before).

BZ#1395468 f25-backgrounds-extras-gnome should have a version requires on f25-backgrounds-extras-base

yuwata: I'm an idiot. Thanks for noticing. I'll let this update go through though, since it fixes the immediate problem, and queue the fixed build ( as a new update.

This update has been unpushed.