bodhi-push [OPTIONS]


bodhi-push is used to select which packages to push out to the mirror network. It has various flags that can be used to select the package set, and then it emits a message with the list of packages to be mirrored.



Show help text and exit.

--builds TEXT

A comma-separated list of builds to include in the push.

--releases TEXT

A comma-separated list of releases to include in this push. By default, current and pending releases are selected.

--request TEXT

Push updates for the specified request. Defaults to testing,stable.


Resume one or more previously failed pushes.

-y, --yes

Answers yes to the various questions.

--username TEXT

Your FAS user id.


Show version and exit.


If you find bugs in bodhi (or in the man page), please feel free to file a bug report or a pull request:

Bodhi’s documentation is available online: