Testing updates

Bodhi’s primary use case is to gate proposed software updates based on testing feedback. Feedback can be provided automatically by CI systems, or can be provided by humans through comments and karma.


Authenticated users may post positive or negative karma onto an update, along with a comment to describe their experience. Once the update reaches its karma threshold (set by the packager), it may be pushed out to the stable repositories. This will happen automatically if the update is configured to use Bodhi’s autokarma system, or manually by the packager if it is not.

Some updates will offer testers additional types of karma. Critical path updates will offer the user a “critical path karma” option, which asks the tester if the system’s basic functionality is preserved with the update (for example, does the system still boot). Some updates are associated with Bugzilla tickets, and these updates will allow the tester to mark whether they think the given bug is addressed by the update. Updates may also be linked to Wiki documents that describe a testing plan for the associated packages, and the tester may provide feedback for each of the wiki test pages as well.

Automated tests

Bodhi may also provide feedback from automated test systems if it is configured to do so. To view this feedback, click on the update’s “Automated Tests” tab.

Bodhi may also be configured to query Greenwave for automated test based gating decisions on updates. If this is enabled, the update’s web page will display the current status of Greenwave’s gating decision.