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Release properties
State current
Name EPEL-8N
Version 8
Branch epel8-next
Dist Tag epel8-next
Stable Tag epel8-next
Testing Tag epel8-next-testing
Candidate Tag epel8-next-testing-candidate
Pending Signing Tag epel8-next-signing-pending
Pending Testing Tag epel8-next-testing-pending
Pending Stable Tag epel8-next-pending
Override Tag epel8-next-override
Email Template fedora_errata_template
Composed by Bodhi True
Create Automatic Updates False
Package Manager unspecified
Testing Repository None
Total updates 30
Updates by status
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Pending 0
Testing 2
Stable 27
Unpushed 1
Obsolete 0
Updates by type
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New Package 9
Bugfix 7
Enhancement 13
Security 0
Updates by gating status
Passed 0
Ignored 30
Buildroot overrides
Active 157
Expired 436
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