enhancement update in Fedora 22 for fedfind

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This update provides the latest upstream fedfind release, 1.5. There have been many significant changes since the last packaged release, 1.2. You can find full details on the upstream page. Briefly, fedfind's module has grown several new features for compose checking, and Koji queries are now more efficient (and cached on the instance). fedfind will now find more images and identify them more accurately. You can be somewhat sloppier with release, milestone and compose parameters, both in get_release() and in the CLI. There's a wait() method for waiting for a release to appear, and some bugs in rsync usage were fixed. The update fixes the major bug in 1.2 where you could not use the CLI with a numeric release.

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This update has been submitted for testing by adamwill.

Taskotron: rpmlint test FAILED on noarch. Result log: http://localhost/taskmaster/builders/default/builds/-1/steps/runtask/logs/stdio (results are informative only)

adamwill edited this update. New build(s): fedfind-1.5-1.fc22. Removed build(s): fedfind-1.4.2-1.fc22.

Appears that bodhi is ignoring this update.

@robatino It was due to a bug in how bodhi handled updates that were edited with new builds. It should be fixed now, and this update is heading back to testing.

This update has been pushed to testing

This update has been obsoleted by fedfind-1.6-1.fc22.

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