FEDORA-2015-14449 created by dcantrel 7 years ago for Fedora 23


  • Use sys.exit instead of os._exit with pocketlint. (clumens)
  • Use addCleanup instead of tearDown for removing temp-device. (clumens)
  • Add a new makefile target that does everything needed for jenkins. (clumens)
  • Merge pull request #13 from atodorov/fix_imports (david.l.cantrell)
  • Merge pull request #14 from vpodzime/master (david.l.cantrell)
  • Do not support and use hashing on pyparted's objects (#1229186) (vpodzime)
  • Fix pylint errors (atodorov)
  • Merge pull request #12 from atodorov/remove_hardcoded_paths (david.l.cantrell)
  • Merge pull request #8 from atodorov/tests_ped_filesystem (david.l.cantrell)
  • Merge pull request #10 from atodorov/tests_ped_partition (david.l.cantrell)
  • Merge pull request #6 from atodorov/add_coverage (david.l.cantrell)
  • Remove hard-coded paths. You should have all tools in PATH when working on pyparted. (atodorov)
  • run the test suite under python-coverage and report the results (atodorov)
  • add test coverage for _ped.Partition (atodorov)
  • Merge pull request #9 from atodorov/tests_dont_skip_if_root (david.l.cantrell)
  • Merge pull request #11 from atodorov/fix_api_docs (david.l.cantrell)
  • update pydoc descriptions based on actual behavior (atodorov)
  • don't skip DeviceGetNextTestCase if running as root (atodorov)
  • add test cases for _ped.FileSystem (atodorov)
  • Merge pull request #7 from atodorov/tests_readme (david.l.cantrell)
  • Remove old BUGS file. (david.l.cantrell)
  • add simple test documentation (atodorov)
  • Merge pull request #5 from vpodzime/master (david.l.cantrell)
  • Beware of Python 3's version of the map() built-in function (vpodzime)
  • Remove the MANIFEST file when doing 'make release' (dcantrell)
  • Remove fedorahosted steps from the RELEASE file. (dcantrell)
  • Update documentation and Makefile for github. (dcantrell)
  • Stop using type() to do comparisons. (clumens)
  • Merge pull request #4 from vpodzime/master-python3 (david.l.cantrell)
  • Don't blindly expect that everything is hashable (vpodzime)
  • Replace filter() call with list comprehension (vpodzime)
  • Fix an incorrect reference to "type". (clumens)
  • Merge pull request #3 from clumens/master (clumens)
  • Only run pylint against a python3 build of pyparted. (clumens)
  • Fix the fdisk example up to pass pylint. (clumens)
  • Catch exact exceptions in a couple places. (clumens)
  • Ignore some pylint warnings. (clumens)
  • Don't use string formatting in calls to log.whatever. (clumens)
  • Fix a couple unused variable warnings. (clumens)
  • Define things in the setUp methods, not in runTest. (clumens)
  • Don't redefine reserved or already used function names. (clumens)
  • Fix import errors turned up by pylint. (clumens)
  • Convert to using pocketlint to run pylint. (clumens)
  • Don't run "git clean -fdx" in the "make clean" target. (clumens)
  • Add extension whitelist for _ped to pylint call (bcl)
  • Merge pull request #2 from jflorian/master (david.l.cantrell)
  • New - example to create a single bootable partition (john_florian)
  • Remember to pass the arguments to the exception handler. (clumens)
  • Put new _ped constants and functions into the parted module. (clumens)
  • PyInt_FromLong doesn't exist in python3, so always use PyLong_FromLong. (clumens)
  • Add new functions to extend exception handling. (clumens)
  • Add function for resetting partition's number. (vpodzime)
  • Fix localeC imports in a handful of src/parted/*.py files. (dcantrell)
  • Disable false positive E0611 errors on src/parted/ (dcantrell)
  • ped_unit_get_size() returns a long long, not just a long. (dcantrell)
  • Adjust test cases to deal with run-time support. (dcantrell)
  • Only import partition types that exist. (dcantrell)
  • Note x.y.z version number. (dcantrell)
  • Remove .travis.yml and tox.ini (dcantrell)
  • Skip 'aix' diskType in FreshDiskTestCase (dcantrell)
  • Handle running the test suite on armv7l hosts. (dcantrell)
  • Fix getPartitionByPath for disks that are just plain files. (dlehman)
  • ext2 may be smaller than the end of the device (#1095904) (bcl)
  • support ppc64le in pyparted (hamzy)
  • Fix up the PYTHONPATH for "make check" and "make test". (clumens)
  • Remove geom tests that don't fail (bcl)
  • Add btrfs and ext4 for filesystem type test (bcl)
  • Revert "Add support for hfs_esp flag" (bcl)
  • Teach pyparted that aarch64 support GPT partitions. (dcantrell)
  • And disable the length one, too. (clumens)
  • Disable one test case that fails on ppc64, for the moment. (clumens)
  • Update pylint options for the latest version of that program. (clumens)
  • Fix 'make bumpver' to handle multiple decimal points. (dcantrell)
  • Add support for hfs_esp flag (dcantrell)
  • Add support for esp flag (dcantrell)
  • Add support for irst flag (dcantrell)
  • Add support for msftdata flag (dcantrell)
  • Don't assume tools will be in the user's $PATH. (clumens)
  • Fix a lot of problems pylint caught. (clumens)
  • Move from pychecker to pylint. (clumens)
  • Have pychecker ignore some fale positives on missing class attrs. (clumens)
  • setattr doesn't return any value. (clumens)
  • Fix up pychecker errors reported by Jenkins. (dcantrell)
  • Subject: [PATCH] pyparted: export ped_disk_new functionality (rnsastry)
  • Correct boilerplate modifications. (dcantrell)
  • Tests also require the parted binary. (g2p.code)
  • Work around Travis's broken defaults. (g2p.code)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2015-14449

This update has been submitted for testing by dcantrel.

7 years ago

This update has been pushed to testing

7 years ago
User Icon pbrobinson commented & provided feedback 7 years ago

Seems to work for basic testing

User Icon cicku commented & provided feedback 7 years ago


Fixes bug #1229186 (which is not referenced by this update, btw) for me.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

7 years ago
User Icon vpodzime commented & provided feedback 7 years ago

forgot to set karma

This update has been pushed to stable

7 years ago

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