security update in Fedora 23 for firefox

Status: stable 3 years ago

Update to latest upstream - Firefox 43

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2015-51b1105902

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This update has been submitted for testing by stransky.

No issues noted. (I've been using it for a day or so, grabbed from Koji directly.)

karma: +1 critpath: +1 firefox browse: +1 firefox media: +1

everything works on fedora 23, x86-64

karma: +1

critpath: +1 firefox media: +1 firefox addons: +1 firefox browse: +1

This build seems to crash when executing the "firefox media" test cases when media.fragmented-mp4.gmp.enabled=true is enabled in about:config - this is a non-standard setting aimed at allowing MSE & H.264 to work properly.

Notable symptoms with that setting enabled: Youtube videos appear to not play with "An error occurred" - running through the "firefox media" tests actually crashes Firefox.

Issues are not present on a clean profile, due to that setting being false by default.

karma: +1 critpath: +1 firefox addons: +1 firefox browse: +1

works for me

karma: +1

Addons are getting deactivated, as they are not signed. I have noscript and https everywhere installed from the fedora repository.

@xenithorb: Do you also installed your addons from the repo or directlry from mozilla?

gmp-openh264 stuck on 1.4,can not auto-upgrade to 1.5.1,which supports all the formats on youtube html5.

No problems noticed so far

karma: +1

for people mthat are getting Addons deActivated, go into " about:config " an type in the awesome bare, " xpinstall.signatures.required " an flip it to FALSE an close ya browser an restart, an ya Addons will work

apart from that FF43 works for me

karma: +1 critpath: +1

Works fine.

karma: +1 critpath: +1 firefox browse: +1

This update has been pushed to testing.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

As noted earlier, there is a regression with the OpenH264 plugin. If it is enabled Firefox will crash on sites that have HTML5 video such as YouTube and PayPal's home page. Not sure how high priority this is WRT Fedora. Disabling the plugin still allows video to work and Firefox does not crash.

No other regressions seen.

karma: +1 critpath: +1 firefox browse: +1 firefox addons: +1 firefox media: +1

This update has been pushed to stable.

Fedora-packaged addons are getting disabled. Otherwise it seems to work finde.

karma: +1 critpath: +1 firefox addons: -1 firefox browse: +1 firefox media: +1

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