enhancement update in Fedora 23 for rpm

Status: testing 2 years ago

This update rebases RPM to the official 4.13.0 release: http://rpm.org/wiki/Releases/4.13.0

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --advisory=FEDORA-2016-0906f64ec8

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This update has been submitted for testing by pmatilai.

rpm-4.13.0-1.fc23 ejected from the push because u"Cannot find relevant tag for rpm-4.13.0-1.fc23. None of ['f23-updates-testing', 'f23-updates-testing-pending'] are in [u'f22-updates-candidate', u'dist-6E-epel-testing-candidate', u'dist-5E-epel-testing-candidate', u'f21-updates-candidate', u'f24-updates-candidate', u'f25-updates-candidate', u'f23-updates-candidate', u'epel7-testing-candidate']."

This update has been submitted for testing by kevin.

no regressions noted

karma: +1

This update has been pushed to testing.

karma: +1 critpath: +1

The upgrade path from this version to F25 is broken, because rpm-python and rpm-python3 were renamed to python2-rpm and python3-rpm in F25, but the F25 packages' Obsoletes: are not versioned high enough. See https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-d96e9a5ca0 . Pushing this stable without first resolving that problem will prevent anyone being able to upgrade to F25 without manually downgrading rpm.

karma: -1 critpath: +1

working as expected

karma: +1

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