FEDORA-2016-38acfc3669 created by robert 5 years ago for Fedora 25

R53a is a snapshot/feature release:

  • Fix spelling
  • Unbreak multi-line command history broken by history flush
  • Fix redefining POSIX functions that were Korn functions before
  • Fix bounds checks in Vi editing mode
  • Handle combining characters at end of string or output correctly
  • Fix ${!#} ${!?} ${!-} (POSIX, prompted by izabera)
  • Fix shf.c-internal buffer overread on printing digits
  • Fix a typo in the testsuite
  • Increase default edit line size (unless MKSH_SMALL)
  • Improve description of Emacs mode keybindings, especially ^U
  • Abort read builtin in case of read(2) errors
  • Fix most of the ambiguous corner cases related to ${[pfx]var[op[word]]} (${@:-1} still unsupported)
  • Contribute some more testsuite coverage
  • WDS_TPUTS now emits QCHAR newline reentrant-safe
  • Fix var=<< implementation (LP#1380389)
  • Make XSI test(1) extensions behave as if they were POSIX
  • Add $(<<<x) and $(<<EOF…) implementation
  • Lower minimum screen size accepted as “sane” from the OS to 4×2
  • Simplify tilde-expanded parameters
  • Fix default PS1 for substring matches
  • Apply defer-builtin-with-arguments logic to realpath builtin
  • Rework string pooling (own vs. compiler’s) (LP#1580348)
  • Feature: print -A, prints arguments as characters
  • Replace <<< and >>> as ROL and ROR operators with their new ^< and ^> spelling as per this proposal
  • Clear-to-EOL under tmux to work around its anti-feature
  • Remove support for using file descriptors with more than a single digit, in preparation for named file descriptors
  • Correct, but simplify (at the potential cost of more tty I/O than strictly necessary, though never redundant and (probably) not more than before when it was miscalculated), line clearing and redrawing
  • Implement new evaluate-region editing command Esc+Ctrl-E
  • Prefer external rename utility over the recovery builtin
  • Remove redundant full-line redraws
  • Fix errorlevel of ‘.’ (“dot” special builtin) when the sourced script does not run any commands, for POSIX compliance
  • Refactor op tokens and edchars to shave off some more bytes
  • Fix some bugs in the manpage and some occasional/minor code bugs
  • Mark tests requiring new perl as !need-pass
  • Add $KSH_MATCH and, to make it usable, ${foo@/bar/baz}
  • Fix bogus patch from OpenBSD: only NULL the global source in unwind when actually reclaiming its Area
  • Mention in the manpage that integer bases go up to 36
  • Fix /= operator broken during refactoring

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-38acfc3669

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5 years ago

This update has been submitted for stable by robert.

5 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

5 years ago

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