FEDORA-2016-47f39341b9 created by remi 3 years ago for Fedora 23

Version 1.2.2

  • Enigma: Add possibility to configure gpg-agent binary location (enigma_pgp_agent)
  • Enigma: Fix signature verification with some IMAP servers, e.g. Gmail, DBMail (#5371)
  • Enigma: Make recipient key searches case-insensitive (#5434)
  • Fix regression in resizing JPEG images with Imagick (#5376)
  • Managesieve: Fix parsing of vacation date-time with non-default date_format (#5372)
  • Use SymLinksIfOwnerMatch in .htaccess instead of FollowSymLinks disabled on some hosts for security reasons (#5370)
  • Wash position:fixed style in HTML mail for better security (#5264)
  • Fix bug where memcache_debug didn't work for session operations
  • Fix bug where Message-ID domain part was tied to username instead of current identity (#5385)
  • Fix bug where blocked.gif couldn't be attached to reply/forward with insecure content
  • Fix E_DEPRECATED warning when using Auth_SASL::factory() (#5401)
  • Fix bug where names of downloaded files could be malformed when derived from the message subject (#5404)
  • Fix so "All" messages selection is resetted on search reset (#5413)
  • Fix bug where folder creation could fail if personal namespace contained more than one entry (#5403)
  • Fix error causing empty INBOX listing in Firefox when using an URL with user:password specified (#5400)
  • Fix PHP warning when handling shared namespace with empty prefix (#5420)
  • Fix so folders list is scrolled to the selected folder on page load (#5424)
  • Fix so when moving to Trash we make sure the folder exists (#5192)
  • Fix displaying size of attachments with zero size
  • Fix so "Action disabled" error uses more appropriate 404 code (#5440)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-47f39341b9

This update has been submitted for testing by remi.

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This update has been pushed to testing.

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3 years ago

This update has been submitted for stable by remi.

3 years ago

This update has been pushed to stable.

3 years ago

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