FEDORA-2016-4afbbe4dd3 created by orion 3 years ago for Fedora 25

Update to 4.6.2:

NEW FEATURES (full details always in ChangeLog):

A. JSON backend Similar the CDL and XML backends, ncks now supports JSON. To obtain JSON, use --jsn or --json instead of --cdl/--xml. ncks --json -v one ~/nco/data/in.nc { "variables": { "one": { "type": "float", "attributes": { "long_name": "one" }, "data": 1.0 } } } More sample output at: http://dust.ess.uci.edu/tmp/in.json and other *.json files. Other related options (-v, -g, -m, -M) have their usual meanings. The --jsn_att_fmt switch accesses formats of selectable verbosity. Thanks to Henry Butowsky for implementing the JSON backend, and to Pedro Vicente and Chris Barker for helpful discussions. http://nco.sf.net/nco.html#json

B. Multi-arguments refer to the format of command-line key-value pairs that NCO uses to support four different features that can have too many parameters to set via traditional command line arguments. The four features are regridding (rgr), global-attribute-adding (gaa), precision-preserving compression (ppc), and ENVI image processing for the DOE Terraref project (trr). Formerly, users were required to supply one value per command line option for these features, e.g., "--rgr lat_nbr=64 --rgr lon_nbr=128 --rgr lat_grd=cap ..." The new multi-argument feature allows users to aggregate multiple key-value pairs per command line argument, e.g., "--rgr lat_nbr=64#lon_nbr=128#lat_grd=cap# ..." Now all key-value pairs related to a single feature (like regridding, compression) can be provided as one arument!

The string that delimits each pair is user-configurable and defaults to a single hash "#". Change it with, e.g., --dlm=":". Ensure your delimiters are not special shell characters, and are escaped (with backslashes) if present in key or value strings. Thanks to Jerome Mao for implementing multi-arguments. http://nco.sf.net/nco.html#mta

C. ncap2 now searches all paths in the NCO_PATH environment variable for any #include'd files that it cannot find in ${CWD}.

D. All builds tested on LLVM 8.0.0 and GCC 6.2.1 toolchains.


A. ncclimo and ncremap could fail if ${BASH_SOURCE[0]} is unavailable. This could occur, e.g., with the dash shell and/or due to software modules that modify users' environments. This portability issue has been resolved.

B. ncatted failed to implement NaN on some MinGW systems with, e.g., ncatted -O -a _FillValue,fll_val,m,f,nan ~/nco/data/in.nc ~/foo.nc We think this has been fixed. The workaround is to upgrade or use ncatted on *NIX or MacOS. Thanks to James Adams for reporting this.

C. ncks CDL now prints correct tokens for uint, int64, uint64 types. These are "ul", "ll", "ull", respectively. Previously NCO used different tokens because ncgen <= 4.3.0 choked on "ll" formats. So this was an intentional NCO "feature", not a bug. Use ncgen >= 4.3.1 to parse these CDL files.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-4afbbe4dd3

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