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Welcome to Scilab 6.0.0 beta-2

This file details the changes between Scilab 6.0.0-beta-2, this release, and the previous release 5.5.2. For changelogs with earlier release, please see Scilab 5.5.2.

This file is intended for the specific needs of advanced users, and describes: - New and modified features, in each module, - Changes in functions (removed/added/modified), - Changes in the language, - Bug fixes.

This changelog is most likely incomplete, as an enormous amount of code has changed between 5.5.2 and 6. Please report any thing we could have missed, on the mailing lists or on the bug tracker, and we will correct it before the final Scilab 6.0.0 release.

Main new features

For high-level description of the main new features of this release, please consult the embedded help. It is also available as the "What's new" page of the help, by simply typing help in Scilab console.

In summary, the main new features are: * New language parser and interpreter, ensuring: - Support for bigger data sets: dynamic memory usage. No need for stacksize anymore. - Xcos also uses the new re-written Scilab engine. * New code productivity features: full-featured debugger, profiler / coverage tool, and "lint"-like commands. * Newsfeed, providing a continuous feed of news, tips, and general communication from the community and from Scilab Enterprises. * Licensing change: Scilab is now released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0 (but continues to be available under the terms of the CeCILL v2.1).


  • Under Windows, MKL packages are now included in Scilab installer and are not more downloaded anymore while installing Scilab.


  • A C++11 compliant compiler is now needed.
  • Java 8 is now required to build Java code (version switch to 1.8).
  • Ant minimal version switched to 1.9.0 (for Java 8 compatibility).
  • ecj minimal version switched to 4.4.0 (for Java 8 compatibility).
  • --without-xcos now only disable Xcos compilation. Xcos graphical interface is disabled using --without-gui.


  • Apache xmlgraphics stack upgraded to the latest versions :
  • xmlgraphics-commons 2.0.1
  • Batik 1.8
  • FOP 2.0

Packaging & Supported Operating Systems

  • Scilab embedded JVM has been upgraded to Java 1.8. To run or compile Scilab 6.0.0 you need at least:
  • Windows:
    • Windows 8 (Desktop)
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Vista SP2
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64-bit)
    • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
  • Mac OS X:
    • Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.8.3+, 10.9+
  • Linux:

    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5+, 6.x (32-bit), 6.x (64-bit), 7.x (64-bit)
    • Oracle Linux 5.5+, 6.x (32-bit), 6.x (64-bit), 7.x (64-bit)
    • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS, 13.x
    • Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2+, 11.x

    For more information, please consult: What are the system requirements for Java?

  • SSE2, Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 support is now mandatory to run Scilab on Linux i686.

Syntax Modifications

  • Multiline blocs of comments /* ...\n ... \n ... */ are now possible.
  • Declaration of a number on two lines is no longer allowed: 1.. \n 2
  • 1./M is now parsed as 1 ./ M instead of 1. / M
  • {} and [] are now distinct operators. {} are now used to build cells.
  • Declaring non-homogenous strings ("string' or 'string") is no longer allowed.
  • New shortcut operators have been introduced: && and ||.
  • Syntax %i:10 is now deprecated (only real scalars can be used).
  • (a=b) executed like a == b is now deprecated and returns an error.
  • while ... else ... end control instruction is no more supported.
  • Transposed matrix can now use the extraction operator directly A'(1, 2)
  • Function without output argument cannot be call in assignation expression ``` function foo() //... endfunction

    val = foo() //return error ```

Feature changes and additions

  • Addition or subtraction with an empty matrix now return an empty matrix.
  • scatter/scatter3 plot with different mark colors is now available.
  • parulacolormap is now available.
  • name2rgb can now handle a single string and a matrix of strings.
  • isoview, isoview on, isoview off, isoview(idGraphics, "on"|"off") are now supported
  • twinkle and twinkle(n) are now supported: by default, the current element gce blinks.
  • householder can now return the reflection matrix, and has a demo.
  • ndgrid can now works with any types of homogeneous data
  • bench_run can now return its results and/or record them in a file
  • typeof(.., "overload") allows now to get the overloading type-code of an object
  • sign can now handle a sparse matrix.
  • sleep(..,'s') allows now to specify the duration in seconds.
  • real, imag, conj and isreal now accept rational fractions
  • A call stack limit has been introduced. Default maximum depth is setup to 1000 and can be changed by new function recursionlimit or by preferences interface.
  • The floating point exception mode (ieee) is now set to 2 by default: floating point exceptions now produce Inf or Nan, and do not cause any error. The previous behavior can be recalled by simply calling: ieee(0)
  • The graphics entity "Datatip" has its property z_component = 'on|off' changed to display_components = 'xyz', now it is possible to choose which components to display and the order. Loading old *.scg files containing datatips with "z_component" property may not display the z component.
  • Valgrind error detection added to test_run (on Linux only)
  • amell now
  • checks if its parameters are real numbers,
  • throws an error if the second parameter is not a scalar.
  • The use of I/O console is now allowed with the following functions: mget, mgetl, mgetstr, mput, mputl and mputstr.
  • mclearerr now returns a flag indicating the file identifier validity.
  • fileinfo can now take a row vector as input.
  • msprintf no more returns an error message when there are too many input arguments (more values that format needs).
  • deletefile can delete multiple files at once.
  • exec of macro executes the body in the current scope but the prototype must have zero input and output arguments.
  • error: an error number in input is deprecated.
  • impl: Recall impl with the same parameters as in its previous stop is now available.
  • ode: y0 is restricted to a column vector.
  • pppdiv: Return a scalar of type 'constant' when the rank is 0.
  • pdiv: Return a matrix of type 'constant' when all the rank are 0.
  • test_run can now take "[]" as argument to be used on console; for instance: test_run string [] no_check_ref
  • typeof(:) and typeof(n:$) now return "implicitlist" instead of respectively "constant" and "size implicit".
  • strange([]) now returns %nan instead of [], as all other functions for statistical dispersion
  • stdev(x, dir>ndims(x)) now yields an error instead of returning zeros(x)
  • write: Writing string or string matrix in a file does not add blank space before each value

Help pages:

  • CACSD and Signal Processing help pages have been sorted up.
  • fixed / improved: members, part, ode, ode_optional_output, ode_roots, roots, printf, sprintf, iconvert, stdev, xlabel
  • rewriten: consolebox, double, isoview, householder, or, and, format, typeof
  • resorted: else, elseif, end, try, sciargs, global, halt, empty, power
  • translations added:
  • (fr): format, typeof, isoview, ndgrid, bench_run, consolebox, harmean
  • (ru): homepage
  • added: support to valign=".." and style="white-space:nowrap" attributes for <td> and <th> tags

Data Structures

  • cells and structs are now native types, hence improving performances.
  • cells:
  • insertion and extraction must be done via () or {}.
  • .dims and .entries fields have been removed, please use size and () instead.
  • struct
  • .dims field has been removed, please use size instead.
  • hypermatrix:
  • hypermatrices are natively managed (without mlist overloading).
  • typeof function now returns real type like constant, string, ... instead of hypermat
  • type function returns real type like 1, 10, ... instead of 17 (mlist).
  • .dims and .entries fields have been removed, please use size and () instead.


  • Major rewrite of the data structures, huge models should load and save faster. The memory usage on diagram edition is also slightly reduced.
  • Implicit fixed-size step ODE solver added: Crank-Nicolson 2(3). Added to the CVode package, it also benefits from the CVode rootfinding feature.

API modification

A new set of C APIs to write C or C++ extensions (toolboxes) to Scilab. It allows defining native functions (commonly called "gateways"), getting input parameters for such functions, setting return parameters, accessing local variables, using common helper functions for accessing environment information (such as warning level), generate errors... It also includes ways to overload existing Scilab functions to support additional parameter types (see help scilab_overload). Finally, you can call back Scilab functions (macros and built-in functions) from your gateway (see help scilab_call).

User-defined functions written in C or C++ (gateways) must now use a void* pvApiCtx name as a second parameter instead of any unsigned long l. This is now required for some macros, such as Rhs, to work.

For example: use int sci_Levkov(char *fname, void* pvApiCtx) instead of int sci_Levkov(char *fname) or int sci_Levkov(char *fname, unsigned long l).

Obsolete functions or features

  • maxfiles is now obsolete.
  • isoview(xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax) is deprecated. Please use isoview("on"), replot(..) instead.

Removed Functions

  • intersci has been removed. Please use swig instead.
  • numdiff has been removed. Please use numderivative instead.
  • derivative has been removed. Please use numderivative instead.
  • curblockc has been removed. Please use curblock instead.
  • extract_help_examples has been removed.
  • xpause has been removed. Please use sleep instead.
  • xclear has been removed. Please use clf instead.
  • fcontour2d has been removed. Please use contour2d instead.
  • plot2d1 has been removed. Please use plot2d instead.
  • lex_sort has been removed. Please use gsort(..,"lr") instead
  • gspec was obsolete already in Scilab 4 and is now removed. Please use spec instead.
  • gschur was obsolete already in Scilab 4 and is now removed. Please use schur instead.
  • havewindow has been removed. Please use getscilabmode()=="STD" instead

  • Symbolic module functions have been removed: addf, cmb_lin, ldivf, mulf, rdivf, solve, subf, trianfml, trisolve and block2exp.

  • Functionnalities based on former Scilab stack have been removed:
  • comp, errcatch, iserror, fun2string, getvariablesonstack, gstacksize, macr2lst, stacksize, code2str and str2code.
  • -mem launching option (used to set stacksize at startup).

Known issues

  • Scilab 6 is still in a beta stage and likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs. Do not hesitate to report them.
  • Toolboxes rebuild is in progress. Do not hesitate to submit patch or feature upgrade to the development mailing list for a particular toolbox.

Bug Fixes

In 6.0.0:

  • Bug #13597 fixed - help format claimed setting a number of digits instead of characters
  • Bug #14192 fixed - g_margin error-ed for double integrator.
  • Bug #14448 fixed - removed havewindow() was still documented
  • Bug #14557 fixed - csim failed when the system has no state.
  • Bug #14586 fixed - Xcos simulation stop button did not work.
  • Bug #14587 fixed - Datatip textbox wrong clipping when loaded from *.scg file.

In 6.0.0 beta-2 and earlier:

  • Bug #2104 fixed - iw(1:9) and w(1:10) ode output parameters were not documented
  • Bug #2517 fixed - "position" property format was not accepted by figure despite what was said in help
  • Bug #6057 fixed - trailing space after minus sign has been removed from the display of values
  • Bug #6064 fixed - scatter did not exist in Scilab.
  • Bug #6314 fixed - The identical code of %p_m_r and %r_m_p was not factorized
  • Bug #7378 fixed - quart used with only NaNs yielded an error instead of returning NaN.
  • Bug #7646 fixed - Extractions A'(1,2) and A.'(1,2) from a transposed matrix were not possible
  • Bug #7884 fixed - typeof help page was poor, puzzled, and not up-to-date to Scilab 6:
  • new typeof uint64, int64, void, deletelist, implicitlist were missing
  • former hypermat and size implicit typeof weren't removed
  • typeof names longer than 8-char were not documented.
  • Bug #8210 fixed - UMFPACK demos were not well packaged and not numerous enough.
  • Bug #8310 - Non-convex plane or unplane polygons could be wrongly triangulated and badly rendered with extra facets.
  • Bug #8990 fixed - .zoom_auto feature was missing on the plot toolbar.
  • Bug #9456 fixed - bench_run did not work on a path or in a toolbox
  • Bug #9560 fixed - 1./M was parsed as 1. / M instead of 1 ./ M
  • Bug #9621 fixed - A tlist with undefined fields can now be saved.
  • Bug #10082 fixed - string(complex) with real(complex)>0 did not remove the leading space replacing "+"
  • Bug #11511 fixed - error did not accept string matrix (non regression test added).
  • Bug #11625 fixed - Uicontrol table did not update .string when values were modified interactively in the table.
  • Bug #12044 fixed - Adding or substracting the empty matrix now return an empty matrix.
  • Bug #12202 fixed - Mixing int8 and doubles with colon operator led to wrong results.
  • Bug #12419 fixed - objects were cleared before the scilab.quit was called
  • Bug #12559 - FFTW had some memory leaks
  • Bug #12872 - Help pages of else, elseif, end, try, sciargs, global, halt, empty and power were in wrong help sections
  • Bug #12928 fixed - intXX functions with %nan and %inf return wrong values.
  • Bug #13154 - In shellmode, completion now separates Files from Directories.
  • Bug #13289 fixed - Using non-integer indexes for mlists made Scilab crash.
  • Bug #13298 fixed - Static analysis bugs detected by PVS-Studio fixed.
  • Bug #13308 fixed - Xcos had no Crank-Nicolson solver.
  • Bug #13465 fixed - The display of polyline .display_function and .display_function properties was not conventional
  • Bug #13468 fixed - Scilab hanged when incorrect format was used for file reading using mfscanf.
  • Bug #13490 fixed - histc help page fixed to match the macro (by default, normalize the result).
  • Bug #13517 fixed - isdef crashed Scilab when called with a vector of strings as input in a function and after a declaration of variable.
  • Bug #13709 fixed - unique sometimes returned wrong index values.
  • Bug #13725 fixed - Sometimes xfpoly polygon filling failed.
  • Bug #13748 fixed - printf, sprintf (en,ja): short descriptions and obsolete flags were missing.
  • Bug #13750 fixed V- Calling ss2ss with flag = 2 returned an error.
  • Bug #13751 fixed - lqg2stan returned wrong (inverted) values.
  • Bug #13769 fixed - t = "abc..//ghi" was parsed as a continued + comment
  • Bug #13780 fixed - size with two input and output arguments did not return an error.
  • Bug #13795 fixed - grep with regexp option did not match the empty string properly
  • Bug #13807 fixed - Invalid margins were computed when figure was not visible.
  • Bug #13810 fixed - householder(v, k*v) returned column of Nan. Input parameters were not checked. The Householder matrix could not be returned. Help pages were inaccurate and without examples. There was no householder demo.
  • Bug #13816 fixed - show_margins caused a scilab crash
  • Bug #13829 fixed - mean and sum returned wrong results for hypermatrices.
  • Bug #13831 fixed - ss2ss did not update the initial state
  • Bug #13834 fixed - Drawing a high number of strings in a figure generated a Java exception.
  • Bug #13838 fixed - Sparse and complex substraction made Scilab crash.
  • Bug #13839 fixed - sign could not be used with sparse matrices
  • Bug #13843 fixed - Scilab crashed when polarplot and plot2d were called with wrong strf value.
  • Bug #13853 fixed - plzr returned wrong results for discrete-time systems with a numeric time step.
  • Bug #13854 fixed - Under some operating systems, SciNotes did not initialize a new document at startup.
  • Bug #13862 fixed - There was no lazy evaluation of or operands in if tests.
  • Bug #13864 fixed - %l_isequal was useless in Scilab 6.
  • Bug #13866 fixed - There were some issues with FFTW3 library.
  • Bug #13869 fixed - bench_run with option nb_run=10 did not override the NB RUN tags
  • Bug #13872 fixed - Non regression test added for unique (the indices returned were wrong)
  • Bug #13873 fixed - %hm_stdev(H,idim>2) returned zeros(H)
  • Bug #13881 fixed - datatipRemoveAll did not work.
  • Bug #13890 fixed - getd did not return loaded symbols in previous scope.
  • Bug #13893 fixed - simp did not set a rational denominator at 1 when numerator was equal to zero.
  • Bug #13894 fixed - Default working directory of the previous session did not work.
  • Bug #13897 fixed - Concatenating structures with same fields in mismatching orders failed
  • Bug #13899 fixed - Syntax coloring was off in scinotes
  • Bug #13903 fixed - get_function_path returned a path with a missing file separator.
  • Bug #13907 fixed - Avoids the gray background on the right panel of the palette Browser.
  • Bug #13908 fixed - part(text, n:$) was very slow.
  • Bug #13918 fixed - Unmanaged operations on hypermatrix did not call overload functions.
  • Bug #13919 fixed - Scilab parsed hidden as a reserved keyword but it is not used.
  • Bug #13920 fixed - getscilabkeywords help page should be in the "Scilab keywords" section.
  • Bug #13923 fixed - Changes of typeof(:) and typeof(n:$) were not documented.
  • Bug #13924 fixed - rationals r1==r2 and r1~=r2 might sometimes be wrong.
  • Bug #13925 fixed - SciNotes used the wrong paired bracket highlight style.
  • Bug #13931 fixed - handle aarch64 processor for some Linux distribution.
  • Bug #13939 fixed - In HTML help pages, itemizedlist <ul> were rendered as numbered ones
  • Bug #13941 fixed - Internal timestamps of HDF5 files prevented having a fixed hash for an unvarying set of saved objects.
  • Bug #13942 fixed - the palette browser tree was always resized when expanded/collapsed.
  • Bug #13944 fixed - The menu "Toolboxes" was missing.
  • Bug #13965 fixed - The rendering of histograms with histplot was poor
  • Bug #13966 fixed - twinkle and twinkle(n) were not supported
  • Bug #13971 fixed - A space has been added between Scilab prompt and cursor.
  • Bug #13972 fixed - Wildcard * was not managed in printf expressions.
  • Bug #13974 fixed - isoview(xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax) was unhandy.
  • Bug #13983 fixed - who_user returned wrong values.
  • Bug #13986 fixed - setdefaultlanguage did not set value correctly in Windows registry.
  • Bug #13990 fixed - gettext did not manage the added _W macro.
  • Bug #13999 fixed - editor was modal. It locked the console using an external editor.
  • Bug #14020 fixed - Incorrect carriage return ascii code.
  • Bug #14022 fixed - getscilabkeywords was KO (+gateway what() added).
  • Bug #14023 fixed - It was not possible to concatenate cells.
  • Bug #14024 fixed - Print of macrofile display a debug message instead of macro prototype.
  • Bug #14025 fixed - head_comments did not take into account compiled functions.
  • Bug #14028 fixed - force flag of genlib did not rebuild bin file.
  • Bug #14030 fixed - Linear algebra demo crashed due to a bad delete in schur implementation.
  • Bug #14035 fixed - ndgrid did not manage all homogeneous data type (booleans, integers, polynomials, rationals, strings, [])
  • Bug #14036 fixed - .tag and .user_data properties were not displayed and not documented for light entity.
  • Bug #14038 fixed - Encoded integers were no longer accepted for list extraction.
  • Bug #14040 fixed - graphic property setting fails when using array of handles
  • Bug #14041 fixed - genlib crashed when the file is locked by another program.
  • Bug #14043 fixed - Examples of API Scilab help pages had to be updated (pvApiCtx in gateway prototypes).
  • Bug #14044 fixed - MALLOC.h is now renamed to sci_malloc.h.
  • Bug #14047 fixed - wrong behaviour of break ( continue ) in if and outside of loop fixed.
  • Bug #14049 fixed - genlib hang if an unexpected endfunction occurs.
  • Bug #14055 fixed - overload on matrix concatenation was not called with [].
  • Bug #14057 fixed - grand(m,n) returned a wrong error and grand(m,n,p) called an overloading function instead of returning an error.
  • Bug #14058 fixed - Scilab crashed with file("close", file()) instruction
  • Bug #14059 fixed - Lack of performance on deletion of matrix elements.
  • Bug #14065 fixed - Change "java size" in points in graphics font help page.
  • Bug #14067 fixed - 3rd argument of fsolve became mandatory
  • Bug #14082 fixed - m=1; m()=1; made Scilab crash.
  • Bug #14093 fixed - atanh returns NaN for values with an absolute value greater than 1
  • Bug #14095 fixed - Scilab crashed when a .fig file was loaded with loadmatfile function.
  • Bug #14096 fixed - Issue with mscanf.
  • Bug #14097 fixed - genlib no more adds a separator at the end of the lib path if it is not given in the directory path.
  • Bug #14099 fixed - sci2exp macro was fixed to avoid "a+[] Warning". string(polynomials|rationals) had badly formated outputs and was not vectorized
  • Bug #14105 fixed - New block comments /*...*/ feature was not documented.
  • Bug #14107 fixed - lstcat of a string and a list did not produce consistent results.
  • Bug #14109 fixed - lsq crashed Scilab when Scilab version depended on MKL library.
  • Bug #14111 fixed - In Scilab 6, lib loading a Scilab 5 library did not give a proper error message.
  • Bug #14113 fixed - Scilab 6 did not detect infinite loop.
  • Bug #14115 fixed - In Scinotes, the switch and otherwise keywords were no longer colorized.
  • Bug #14116 fixed - Invalid exponent in case of complex exponents especially 0*%i.
  • Bug #14118 fixed - real, imag, conj, isreal did not accept rationals
  • Bug #14135 fixed - crash when running "Graphics -> Matplot -> Java Image" demonstration.
  • Bug #14141 fixed - gcf().attribute=value lead to "Wrong insertion : function or macro are not expected".
  • Bug #14144 fixed - Scilab crashed with int64(2^63).
  • Bug #14149 fixed - HDF5 could not restore hypermatrix with good dimensions.
  • Bug #14150 fixed - The Windows SDK was not found on Windows 8.1.
  • Bug #14156 fixed - mfscanf returned an empty matrix when datafile contained a header.
  • Bug #14159 fixed - Matplot crashed Scilab on boolean input.
  • Bug #14178 fixed - Tcl/Tk unavailability on MacOS is now documented.
  • Bug #14181 fixed - intg (or integrate) in a function that is being integrated failed.
  • Bug #14187 fixed - fscanfMat failed to read format %d, %i and %f.
  • Bug #14199 fixed - sqrt returned wrong dimension results on matrix with more than dimensions.
  • Bug #14203 fixed - Improve some error messages, some help pages and some comments.
  • Bug #14204 fixed - dec2bin ( dec2base ) must show a better error message for too large values.
  • Bug #14205 fixed - Console crash when assigning uint32 numbers to double matrix.
  • Bug #14209 fixed - 1:245 created infinite loop.
  • Bug #14212 fixed - Scilab 6 did not load array of struct from Scilab 5.5 files correctly
  • Bug #14219 fixed - As bug #14203, improve some error messages, some help pages and some comments.
  • Bug #14223 fixed - det returned an error when it is used with a singular matrix.
  • Bug #14225 fixed - command-line option "-quit" should set the processs exit status
  • Bug #14228 fixed - Setting .rotation_angles property to a matrix of any size did not return error message.
  • Bug #14232 fixed - Typos fixed in Xcos.
  • Bug #14245 fixed - Problem in recursive extraction using list with struct.
  • Bug #14247 fixed - sqrt did not work on hypermatrices (non regression test added).
  • Bug #14249 fixed - Ctrl-C can be used to stop writing control expression.
  • Bug #14251 fixed - spec leaked some memory.
  • Bug #14253 fixed - Insertion in a struct contained in a list fixed.
  • Bug #14255 fixed - fftw without MKL leaked.
  • Bug #14271 fixed - conjgrad displayed an incorrect error message about number of arguments.
  • Bug #14297 fixed - cumsum's output was badly documented.
  • Bug #14300 fixed - Crash when playing with structures.
  • Bug #14303 fixed - matrix display for large number was not correctly aligned
  • Bug #14304 fixed - find(x, nmax) returned [] (non regression test added).
  • Bug #14313 fixed - Parser did not create a column separator after spaces and ... at the end of lines
  • Bug #14316 fixed - Operation scalar^matrix was identical to scalar.^matrix instead of being expm( log(scalar) * matrix )
  • Bug #14326 fixed - It was no longer possible to delete any part of a structure array with [].
  • Bug #14331 fixed - The third argument of lsq crashed Scilab.
  • Bug #14347 fixed - plot2d crashed with multiple entries (non regression test added).
  • Bug #14348 fixed - Scilab did not open sce/sci file from Windows explorer.
  • Bug #14359 fixed - Black Hole demo updated. Stop and Clear buttons did not have priority tag set. Callback_type property has been added and set to 10.
  • Bug #14361 fixed - Parser did not manage -linebreak + blockcomment ... /* a comment */
  • Bug #14362 fixed - The ode Lotka demo had typo errors
  • Bug #14366 fixed - typeof(var,"overload") was not documented
  • Bug #14374 fixed - The parser did not manage comments properly in shellmode
  • Bug #14375 fixed - Calling input with a argument of 64 characters or more crashed Scilab.
  • Bug #14389 fixed - The new int64 and uint64 were not documented, and other help pages were not updated for them.
  • Bug #14390 fixed - double help page had irrelevant syntaxes and was poor
  • Bug #14396 fixed - Real number display was not proper for very wide decimal parts
  • Bug #14398 fixed - Matrix extraction was mistakenly considered a function call in calling sequence
  • Bug #14405 fixed - GetScilabVariableJNI symbol was not resolved on xcosPalAdd()
  • Bug #14415 fixed - Some spelling errors were detected in ~20 help pages
  • Bug #14416 fixed - The file extension filter in Scinotes "Save as" window did not re-used the active file's extension when applicable.
  • Bug #14418 fixed - saxon9he.jar made scilab throw an XPathFactoryConfigurationException.
  • Bug #14419 fixed - Scinotes's highlighting of the new || and && operators was wrong.
  • Bug #14423 fixed - bench_run did not have a return value, export file was not configurable
  • Bug #14425 fixed - xpause was a duplicate of sleep. sleep did not propose "s" time unit.
  • Bug #14429 fixed - Rationals r+(-r) and r-r did not simplify the denominator to 1 in simp_mode(%t)
  • Bug #14432 fixed - Using an implicit list as scoped assignation to a variable in function call caused scilab to crash
  • Bug #14433 fixed - acoth (which call atanh) crashed scilab
  • Bug #14434 fixed - PlotSparse did not work anymore.
  • Bug #14446 fixed - An error message generated by save(..) pointed a bad argument index.
  • Bug #14450 fixed - builder_help.sce of a toolbox ignored some existing language directories
  • Bug #14453 fixed - strcat([]) returned an empty string instead of [].
  • Bug #14455 - macr2tree crashed when passing a FieldExp.
  • Bug #14468 fixed - Scinotes was unable to export to HTML.
  • Bug #14471 fixed - strange([]) returned [] instead of Nan as all other functions for statistical dispersion
  • Bug #14476 fixed - Operation .* between polynomials and imaginary numbers was always returning 0
  • Bug #14493 fixed - and and or help pages were poor and inaccurate.
  • Bug #14495 fixed - consolebox help page shew wrong syntaxes and was poor.
  • Bug #14499 fixed - getd did not update already defined functions
  • Bug #14500 fixed - Operator .^ was broken for sparse matrices.
  • Bug #14524 fixed - Numeric locales were not set to standard "C" by default at scilab startup
  • Bug #14540 fixed - Datatips did not clip outside axes bounds

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-4ba55b8836

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Automated Test Results