FEDORA-2016-5342470af8 created by dfateyev 3 years ago for Fedora 24

20160719, YADIFA 2.2.1

Multi-master support:

  • Added axfr-retry-failure-delay-multiplier and axfr-retry-failure-delay-max <main> parameters to increase the time between two AXFR/IXFR retries on a master.


  • fixed an issue that would crash a YADIFA slave when restarting with a journal present
  • fixed an issue in AXFR/IXFR retry timing management

20160715, YADIFA 2.2.0

Multi-master support:

  • In <zone>, the masters field is now a list. When the master fails to answer, it is moved to the end of the list and (new) first one is used instead. There is a true-multimaster setting, defaulted to 'no'. In true multimaster mode, changing the master implies dropping local zone data and ignore serial values. This is to be used for a setup with truly independent masters. By default, the master change occurs at first failure. This can be changed to a higher value with multimaster-retries (maximum: 255) This mostly makes sense on true-multimaster mode as you want to be sure before reloading a zone completely.

Smart signing:

  • Keys with smart signing information are now handled by YADIFA.

DNSSEC policies:

  • YADIFA generates an rolls your keys and makes a non-DNSSEC zone into an NSEC or NSEC3 one.

Support for ECDSA algorithm.

Better support for huge incremental changes of a zone:

  • YADIFA used to do the modification in one go, which could make it unresponsive for very big changes. Now the changes are applied more slowly, allowing queries to be answered.

New network model:

  • A new network model can be enabled. This model's main purpose is to be more resistent to system stalls with minimal, if any, performance loss.

NSEC3 management improved.

  • Several improvements have been made on the way NSEC3 is handlded. Chains partially covering the zone are now accepted.


  • fixed an issue where the maximum pid value supported was 99999
  • fixed an issue with RRSIG TTL values that were not always at the expected value.
  • fixed an issue with the $TTL not being respected.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-5342470af8

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