See for changes in this version of ntl.

A bug in fflas-ffpack which prevented it from building on non-x86 architectures has been fixed.

This version of latte-integrale comes with an updated version of 4ti2, with the following changes.

News in 4ti2 version 1.6.7, compared to 1.6.6:

  • Add missing amsabbrvurl.bst file required for rebuilding the documentation. Reported by Jerome Benoit for Debian.

  • Add tests for "walk -p arb" to testsuite

  • Build fix for Debian bug 801117 (underlinked library). Patch from Jerome Benoit.

  • Fix division-by-zero in "walk -p arb" for testcase 344. Reported by Jerome Benoit for Debian.

News in 4ti2 version 1.6.6, compared to 1.6.5:

  • Fix segfault in graver when a matrix with trivial kernel is input (testcase graver/trivial-kernel). Reported by Alfredo Sanchez.

News in 4ti2 version 1.6.5, compared to 1.6.4:

  • Fix build failure with gcc 4.9.2.

News in 4ti2 version 1.6.4, compared to 1.6.3:

  • Improved error checking while reading zsolve input files. Reported by Sebastian Gutsche.

  • The PDF manual has been updated to include a reference to commands and their options and a reference to the API. The command reference on has also been updated.

  • Better option handling. Make long options available in non-GNU platforms such as Mac OS X. All commands now support the standard --help and --version options.

  • Minor fix to the test suite. Reported by Luis David Garcia-Puente.

All other packages are rebuilds due to one or more of the above changes.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2016-5ae0a3b688

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