security update in Fedora 24 for calamares

Status: stable 2 years ago

A security update that fixes Calamares bug CAL-405: https://calamares.io/bugs/browse/CAL-405

When installing with a LUKS-encrypted / partition, Calamares was always creating a keyfile to decode / and storing it in the initramfs. It did that even with an unencrypted separate /boot partition. As a result, the keyfile would be stored in cleartext on the /boot partition, and it was possible to unlock the / partition without ever entering a passphrase. This completely defeated the security of LUKS.

Please note that this only affects manual partitioning. The automatic partitioning never leaves /boot unencrypted (and it is, in fact, recommended to also always encrypt /boot when doing manual partitioning).

This update fixes the dracutlukscfg module to not add the keyfile to install_items in the dracut configuration (so that dracut will not include it onto the initramfs) if /boot is separate and unencrypted.

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