FEDORA-2016-88b79d42e2 created by jamatos 5 years ago for Fedora 24

Update to latest stable release.

** Updates:


  • Enable the use of LuaTeX for all polyglossia-supported languages.

  • New document parameter "Save transient properties" under Document Properties > Format. (Output has been renamed into Format.) Disabling this option is made to play nicer in collaborative settings. (bug 9841)


  • Syntax highlighting in the preamble and and the source view has been made compatible with dark themes (bug 8325).

  • Changed the display of buttons for collapsed branches. We now display the same thing as if the branches were open (bug 10213).

  • "Provides <package> 1" now works with fontspec, subfig, and listings (bug 10257).

  • Added a new module "Title and Preamble Hacks".

  • Bring window to front after loading a document in single instance (bug 7875).


  • Updated Brazilian, French, German, Interlingua, Italian and Slovakian user interface localization.

  • Increase the maximum value for the number of last open files that LyX can remember (bug 9924).

  • Change mouse cursor to indicate row/column selection in tabulars.

  • Make inset-select-all select all cells only in tables.

  • Automatically show the review toolbar if the document has tracked changes (bug 8738), and related UI improvements.

  • Implement "Dissolve Inset" and "Show Label" context menu items for arguments (bug 10150).

  • Restore selected reference when using "Go to label" and "Go back" in the cross-reference dialog.

** Bug fixes:


  • Correctly protect the \pagebreak command when needed (bug 10092).

  • Resolve problem on Windows with importing files from directories with accented characters on FAT drives (bug 10218).

  • InPreamble styles should be written to the preamble as many times as the user requests them, even if it results in duplicate commands.

  • Make sure we output all XHTML table cells, even the empty ones (bug 10153).

  • .svgz images are now converted to .svg for XHTML export (bug 10160).

  • Ask where to export file if not yet saved (bug 8814).

  • Fix size issue with outliner icons on HiDPI monitors (bug 10125).

  • Load math packages automatically with JSS template (bug 9242).

  • Calling a Computer Algebra System from LyX works again (windows only bug 10262).

  • Fix command clash between beamer and covington (from the Linguistics module).

  • Fix crash on Buffer preview when not exporting in thread.


  • Fix paragraph argument conversion for \labelwidthstring etc (bug 10243).


  • CharStyles now prohibit layout changes by default (bug 10237).

  • Fix display of labels in right-to-left languages (bug 10169).

  • Fix button label font of inset arguments when some traits are inherited.

  • When a counter is stepped, reset recursively all subcounters (bug #10063).

  • Fix on screen narrow box when using \width as box width unit (bug 10048).

  • Raise GuiView on buffer switch to bring it topmost in multi-window mode.

  • Fix small typo in Reference dialog (bug 10194).

  • Fix default location for RPM based hunspell dictionary search (bug 10071 and 10192).

  • Fix double input of tabulations with Qt5 < Qt5.5 (bug 9218).

  • Do not omit the first space of the selection when copying (bug 9995).

  • Do not allow non-default layouts to be pasted into table cells that are not fixed width (bug 8782).

  • Display the correct column alignment and a better column spacing in AMS environments (bugs 1861, 9908).

  • Disable properly toggling math display in places where it is not possible (bug 10033).

  • Fix horizontal scrolling feature when inside a collapsable inset with several paragraphs.

  • Fix selection of large formula with the mouse when horizontal scrolling kicks in (but 10094).

  • Fix bug where cursor can't be put at the end of a line before an inset (bug 10180).

  • Fix display of collapsable insets when the same document is shown in two views with different width (bug 9756).

  • fix display glitches when editing changes the dimension of insets (bug 6691).

  • Raise GuiView on buffer switch to bring it topmost in multi-window mode.

  • Fix cursor position after Redo of a document settings change (bug 10097).

  • Handle undo after deleting end of paragraph in change tracking mode (bug 10253).

  • Disable Edit > Dissolve Inset in tabulars (bug 9954).

  • Shortcut preferences: ask the user for removing bindings when using the "restore" button (#9174).

  • Shortcut preferences: fix the already-bound-key detection logic.

  • Shortcut preferences: don't forget to trigger the search when it is initialized with the previous value.

  • Remove extra spacing around button insets (bug 10149).

  • Fix drawing of buttons by enforcing equal left/right spacing (bug 10147).

  • Fix problem with drawing of lists after pasting normal text (bug 8735).

  • Accessibility of the document class selector from keyboard (bug 10035).

  • Fix title of LuaTeX and XeTeX error dialogs (part of bug 10013).

  • Remove special code for Qt5 to load SVG icons with HiDPI (bug 10281).


  • Output width of table columns (bug 8168).

  • Fix output of math sizes (bug 10129).

  • Fix output of vertical space in the middle of a paragraph (bug 8154).

  • Fix output of ABOVE and CENTERED label types (bug 8843).

  • Output correct entities for named delimiters (bug 8280).

  • Added class attribute for mathbb to allow customization (part of bug 8521).

  • Use 'text-align: center;' with displayed equations (bug 8654).

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-88b79d42e2

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works for me; I didn't test any new features or bugfixes

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