security update in Fedora 23 for ntp

Status: stable 3 years ago

Security fix for CVE-2015-7974, CVE-2015-8138, CVE-2015-7977, CVE-2015-7978, CVE-2015-7979, CVE-2015-8158

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-8bb1932088

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This update has been submitted for testing by mlichvar.

works for me

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This update has been pushed to testing.

Works for me

karma: +1

This update has reached 7 days in testing and can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

This update has been submitted for stable by mlichvar.

This update has been pushed to stable.

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00 #1297471 CVE-2015-7974 ntp: missing key check allows impersonation between authenticated peers (VU#357792)
00 #1299442 CVE-2015-8138 ntp: missing check for zero originate timestamp
00 #1300269 CVE-2015-7977 ntp: restriction list NULL pointer dereference
00 #1300270 CVE-2015-7978 ntp: stack exhaustion in recursive traversal of restriction list
00 #1300271 CVE-2015-7979 ntp: off-path denial of service on authenticated broadcast mode
00 #1300273 CVE-2015-8158 ntp: potential infinite loop in ntpq
00 #1300277 CVE-2015-7974 CVE-2015-8138 CVE-2015-7973 CVE-2015-7975 CVE-2015-7976 CVE-2015-7977 CVE-2015-7978 CVE-2015-7979 CVE-2015-8158 CVE-2015-8139 CVE-2015-8140 ntp: various flaws [fedora-all]

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