FEDORA-2016-8d1e0ab408 created by remi 4 years ago for Fedora 24

Predis 1.1.1 (2016-06-16)

  • FIX: password and database from the global parameters client option were still being applied to sentinels connections making them fail (sentinels do not understand the AUTH and SELECT commands) (PR #346).

  • FIX: when a sentinel instance reports no sentinel for a service, invoking connect() on the redis-sentinel connection backend should fall back to the master connection instead of failing (ISSUE #342).

  • FIX: the two connection backends based on ext-phpiredis has some kind of issues with the GC and the internal use of closures as reader callbacks that prevented connections going out of scope from being properly collected and the underlying stream or socket resources from being closed and freed. This should not have had any actual effect in real-world scenarios due to the lifecycle of PHP scripts, but we fixed it anyway (ISSUE #345).

Predis v1.1.0 (2016-06-02)

  • The default server profile for the client now targets Redis 3.2.

  • Responses to the following commands are not casted into booleans anymore, the original integer value is returned: SETNX, MSETNX, SMOVE, SISMEMBER, HSET, HSETNX, HEXISTS, PFADD, EXISTS, MOVE, PERSIST, EXPIRE, EXPIREAT, RENAMENX. This change does not have a significant impact unless when using strict comparisons (=== and !==) the returned value.

  • Non-boolean string values passed to the persistent connection parameter can be used to create different persistent connections. Note that this feature was already present in Predis but required both persistent and path to be set as illustrated by #139. This change is needed to prevent confusion with how path is used to select a database when using the redis scheme.

  • The client throws exceptions when Redis returns any kind of error response to initialization commands (the ones being automatically sent when a connection is established, such as SELECT and AUTH when database and password are set in connection parameters) regardless of the value of the exception option.

  • Using unix:///path/to/socket in URI strings to specify a UNIX domain socket file is now deprecated in favor of the format unix:/path/to/socket (note the lack of the double slash after the scheme) and will not be supported starting with the next major release.

  • Implemented full support for redis-sentinel.

  • Implemented the ability to specify default connection parameters for aggregate connections with the new parameters client option. These parameters augment the usual user-supplied connection parameters (but do not take the precedence over them) when creating new connections and they are mostly useful when the client is using aggregate connections such as redis-cluster and redis-sentinel as these backends can create new connections on the fly based on responses and redirections from Redis.

  • Redis servers protected by SSL-encrypted connections can be accessed by using the tls or rediss scheme in connection parameters along with SSL-specific options in the ssl parameter (see http://php.net/manual/context.ssl.php).

  • Predis\Client implements IteratorAggregate making it possible to iterate over traversable aggregate connections and get a new client instance for each Redis node.

  • Iterating over an instance of Predis\Connection\Aggregate\RedisCluster will return all the connections mapped in the slots map instead of just the ones in the pool. This change makes it possible, when the slots map is retrieved from Redis, to iterate over all of the master nodes in the cluster. When the use of CLUSTER SLOTS is disabled via the useClusterSlots() method, the iteration returns only the connections with slots ranges associated in their parameters or the ones initialized by -MOVED responses in order to make the behaviour of the iteration consistent between the two modes of operation.

  • Various improvements to Predis\Connection\Aggregate\MasterSlaveReplication (the "basic" replication backend, not the new one based on redis-sentinel):

    • When the client is not able to send a read-only command to a slave because the current connection fails or the slave is resyncing (-LOADING response returned by Redis), the backend discards the failed connection and performs a new attempt on the next slave. When no other slave is available the master server is used for read-only commands as last resort.

    • It is possible to discover the current replication configuration on the fly by invoking the discover() method which internally relies on the output of the command INFO REPLICATION executed against the master server or one of the slaves. The backend can also be configured to do this automatically when it fails to reach one of the servers.

    • Implemented the switchToMaster() and switchToSlave() methods to make it easier to force a switch to the master server or a random slave when needed.

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2016-8d1e0ab408

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New build(s):

  • php-nrk-Predis-1.1.1-1.fc24

Removed build(s):

  • php-nrk-Predis-1.1.0-1.fc24
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This update has been submitted for testing by remi.

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