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This new package provides implementations of the following methods for factoring integers:

  • Pollard's p-1
  • Williams' p+1
  • Elliptic Curves Method (ECM)
  • Continued Fraction Algorithm (CFRAC)
  • Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve (MPQS)

FactInt also makes use of Richard P. Brent's tables of known factors of integers of the form bk+/-1 for "small" b.

The ECM method is suited best for finding factors which are neither too small (i.e. have less than about 12 decimal digits) nor too close to the square root of the number to be factored. The MPQS method is designed for factoring products of two primes of comparable orders of magnitude. CFRAC is the historical predecessor of the MPQS method. Pollard's p-1 and Williams' p+1 are useful for finding factors p such that all prime factors of p-1 (respectively p+1) are "small", e.g. smaller than 1000000. All factoring methods implemented in this package are probabilistic. In particular the time needed by the ECM method depends largely on luck.

FactInt provides a general-purpose factorization routine which uses an appropriate combination of the methods mentioned above, the Pollard Rho routine which is implemented in the GAP Library and a variety of tricks for special cases to obtain a good average performance for "arbitrary" integers. At the user's option, FactInt provides detailed information about the progress of the factorization process.

How to install

sudo dnf install --advisory=FEDORA-2016-b2c351067e \*

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