enhancement update in Fedora 24 for firewalld

Status: obsolete
  • Enhancements of ipset handling
    • No cleanup of ipsets using timeouts while reloading
    • Only destroy conflicting ipsets
    • Only use ipset types supported by the system
    • Add and remove several ipset entries in one call using a file
  • Reduce time frame where builtin chains are on policy DROP while reloading
  • Include descriptions in --info-X calls
  • Command line interface support to get and alter descriptions of zones, services, ipsets and icmptypes with permanent option
  • Properly watch changes in combined zones
  • Fix logging in rich rule forward rules
  • Transformed direct.passthrough errors into warnings
  • Rework of import structures
  • Reduced calls to get ids for port and protocol names (#1305434)
  • Build and installation fixes by Markos Chandras
  • Provide D-Bus properties in introspection data
  • Fix for flaws found by landscape.io
  • Fix for repeated SUGHUP
  • New NetworkManager module to get and set zones of connections, used in firewall-applet and firewall-config
  • configure: Autodetect backend tools ({ip,ip6,eb}tables{,-restore}, ipset)
  • Code cleanups
  • Bug fixes

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Works great! LGTM! =)

karma: +1

works for me

karma: +1

This update has been obsoleted by firewalld-

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