This release fixes some regressions introduced in OracleDB support in 2.5.11. Specifically, closing a cursor caused an ORA-01002 exception to be raised in some scenarios.

Further fixes include:

  • support for dropping "in use" databases in OracleDB and SQL Server (must disconnect first)
  • corrections in how the last insert ID is fetched on SQL Server
  • re-use of parameters bound to an sqlsrv statement via bindValue()

Total issues resolved: 8

  • 2634: Fix fetching last insert ID for sequences on SQL Server
  • 2635: Fix date diff test
  • 2636: Fix dropping in use databases on SQL Server and Oracle
  • 2637: ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence
  • 2638: Tear down active transactions in functional test cases
  • 2639: Update Version.php
  • 2645: DBAL-2637 Fix closing prepared statement cursor with LOB column on Oracle
  • 2646: Fix the reuse of a statement on sqlsrv with explicit bindValue()


This release fixes a number of inconsistencies around prepared statements when closeCursor() is called, or when a prepared statement is re-used multiple times.

Total issues resolved: 5

  • 2487: Store results of subsequents statement executions same as of the first one
  • 2489: Rebind row values to the statement after freeing result
  • 2536: Bind result variables after each execution in order to prevent string truncation
  • 2546: Prepared statements become unusable after calling closeCursor() on IBM DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • 2557: Inconsistent semantics of close cursor


This release fixes:

  • some PHP 5.3 compatibility issues that caused the test suite to fail for the previous release
  • index renaming for indexes that had particular assigned options, and that were being added rather than renamed or recreated under a different name
  • date and datetimetz OracleDB type introspection: these two types were incorrectly recognized as datetime

Total issues resolved: 4

  • 2508: Renaming index does not rename the index, but creates new one
  • 2555: schema generation maps oracledb DATE fields to datetime
  • 2611: #2508 Pass through index options when renaming index on table
  • 2612: #2555 Fix date and datetimetz type mapping on Oracle


This release fixes an issue with type information passed to Connection#update(), which was incorrectly handled if the updated columns and the identifier columns had equivalent keys.

Also, the generated current date and time SQL expressions for SQL Server were fixed.

Total issues resolved: 4

  • 2511: DBAL Connection::update() - types list does not match the parameter list if fields are used in SET and WHERE clause
  • 2586: SQL-Server : issue on getCurrentDateSql()
  • 2608: DBAL-2586 Fix current date and time SQL generation on SQL Server
  • 2609: DBAL-2511 Fix type list extraction in connection update method


This release fixes some issues around LIMIT/OFFSET handling in DB2, OracleDB, SQL Server:

  • Allowing LIMIT/OFFSET modification without LIMIT on OracleDB
  • Allowing LIMIT/OFFSET modification with OFFSET = 0 on DB2
  • Avoiding an accidental infinite loop in LIMIT/OFFSET modification on SQL Server

Total issues resolved: 4

  • 2408: Hotfix 2313 infinite loop
  • 2463: IBM_DB2 platform doesn't handle offset without limit
  • 2509: Oracle platform ignores OFFSET in case if LIMIT is not specified
  • 2602: Backport #2408


This release fixes some OracleDB and PostgreSQL specific issues.

  • Introspecting table columns on OracleDB when using a non-default schema caused SQL error ORA-01427
  • SQL parameter expansion was broken when using the ARRAY[] expression on PostgreSQL

Total issues resolved: 9

  • 2496: Fix parameter list expansion inside PostgreSQL arrays
  • 2515: PHP Warning when listing table columns in Oracle
  • 2516: #2515 fix schema listing when having identical tables in databases
  • 2517: ORA-01427 when listing table columns
  • 2518: Fixed ORA-01427 when listing columns
  • 2522: OraclePlatform - ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
  • 2549: Oracle column metadata import fix
  • 2584: Doctrine:Schema:Validate leeds to ORA-01427(single-row subquery returns more than one row)
  • 2585: OraclePlatform : Add an owner condition to the list table column comment subquery


Total issues resolved: 1

  • 2569: Allow doctrine/common 2.7

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-49df6e6c16

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