FEDORA-2017-58b720d77d created by siwinski 7 years ago for Fedora 26

3.31.5 - 2017-07-14

  • Aws\ApplicationDiscoveryService - Adding feature to the Export API for Discovery Service to allow filters for the export task to allow export based on per agent id.
  • Aws\EC2 - New EC2 GPU Graphics instance
  • Aws\MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics - Update to Documentation Model For New Report Cadence / Reformat of Docs

3.31.4 - 2017-07-13

  • Aws\APIGateway - Adds support for management of gateway responses.
  • Aws\EC2 - X-ENI (or Cross-Account ENI) is a new feature that allows the attachment or association of Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) between VPCs in different AWS accounts located in the same availability zone. With this new capability, service providers and partners can deliver managed solutions in a variety of new architectural patterns where the provider and consumer of the service are in different AWS accounts.
  • Aws\LexModelBuildingService - Fixed broken links to reference and conceptual content.

3.31.3 - 2017-07-12

  • Aws\AutoScaling - Auto Scaling now supports a new type of scaling policy called target tracking scaling policies that you can use to set up dynamic scaling for your application.
  • Aws\S3 - Fixes an issue introduced in 3.31.0 that was not setting the ContentLength for all MultipartUploader::createPart streams, therefore potentially using an incorrect, $options['params'] value.
  • Aws\SWF - Added support for attaching control data to Lambda tasks. Control data lets you attach arbitrary strings to your decisions and history events.

3.31.2 - 2017-07-06

  • Aws\DirectoryService - You can now improve the resilience and performance of your Microsoft AD directory by deploying additional domain controllers. Added UpdateNumberofDomainControllers API that allows you to update the number of domain controllers you want for your directory, and DescribeDomainControllers API that allows you to describe the detailed information of each domain controller of your directory. Also added the 'DesiredNumberOfDomainControllers' field to the DescribeDirectories API output for Microsoft AD.
  • Aws\Ecs - ECS/ECR now available in BJS
  • Aws\KMS - This release of AWS Key Management Service introduces the ability to determine whether a key is AWS managed or customer managed.
  • Aws\Kinesis - You can now encrypt your data at rest within an Amazon Kinesis Stream using server-side encryption. Server-side encryption via AWS KMS makes it easy for customers to meet strict data management requirements by encrypting their data at rest within the Amazon Kinesis Streams, a fully managed real-time data processing service.
  • Aws\SSM - Amazon EC2 Systems Manager now expands Patching support to Amazon Linux, Red Hat and Ubuntu in addition to the already supported Windows Server.

3.31.1 - 2017-07-05

  • Aws\CloudWatch - We are excited to announce the availability of APIs and CloudFormation support for CloudWatch Dashboards. You can use the new dashboard APIs or CloudFormation templates to dynamically build and maintain dashboards to monitor your infrastructure and applications. There are four new dashboard APIs - PutDashboard, GetDashboard, DeleteDashboards, and ListDashboards APIs. PutDashboard is used to create a new dashboard or modify an existing one whereas GetDashboard is the API to get the details of a specific dashboard. ListDashboards and DeleteDashboards are used to get the names or delete multiple dashboards respectively. Getting started with dashboard APIs is similar to any other AWS APIs. The APIs can be accessed through AWS SDK or through CLI tools.
  • Aws\Route53 - Bug fix for InvalidChangeBatch exception.

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2017-58b720d77d

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