enhancement update in Fedora 25 for pdc-client

Status: obsolete

Notable Changes

All errors are reported by pdc_client on stderr output and exit code is non-zero if an error occurs.

It possible to override default plugin paths with PDC_CLIENT_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable. E.g.

export PDC_CLIENT_PLUGIN_PATHS="$HOME/pdc-plugins:/usr/share/pdc-client/plugins"
pdc --help

Simpler access to a specific page with pdc --page.

Method PDCClient.get_paged() in Python API is deprecated and can be replaced by results() method. Both methods return iterator simplifying accessing to pages with results.

client = PDCClient(server)

# Old way (deprecated)
for result in client.get_paged(client.products):

# New way
for result in client.products.results():

Simpler access to endpoints with dashes in name.

client = PDCClient(server)

# Old way
branches = client['component-branches']

# New way
branches = client.component_branches


  • Add the page argument on pdc
  • Get endpoints containing dash as attributes
  • Override plugin paths with PDC_CLIENT_PLUGIN_PATH
  • Update documentation
  • Add documentation link to README file
  • Add description of page_size=-1 in help doc
  • Add PDCClient tests and fix the discovered bugs
  • Close plugin files when not needed
  • Fix printing errors and exit code for pdc_client
  • Install bytecode for plugins only for correct version of Python

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This update has been submitted for testing by lholecek.

looks good for qe

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This update has been pushed to testing.

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