FEDORA-2017-6e32e3d72d created by remi 3 years ago for Fedora 25

Version 3.1.4

The primary new feature phpredis 3.1.4 is the ability to send MULTI .. EXEC blocks in pipeline mode. There are also many bugfixes and minor improvements to the api, listed below:

  • Allow mixing MULTI and PIPELINE modes (experimental)! [5874b0] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Added integration for coverty static analysis and fixed several warnings [faac8b0, eff7398, 4766c25, 0438ab4, 1e0b065, 733732a, 26eeda5, 735025, 42f1c9, af71d4] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fixed link to redis cluster documentation [3b0b06] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Remove unused PHP_RINIT and PHP_RSHUTDOWN functions [c760bf] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Removed duplicate HGET in redis array hash table, formatting [d0b9c5] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Treat NULL bulk as success for session read [659450] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Refactor redis_send_discard [ea15ce] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Updated runtime exception handling [8dcaa4, 7c1407] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Added a github issue template [61aba9] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Initialize gc member of zend_string [37f569) (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix valgrind warnings [471ce07, 1ab89e1, b624a8b] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix php5/php7 compatibility layer [1ab89e, 4e3225] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix typo in README.markdown [e47e44] (Mark Shehata)
  • Improve redis array rehash [577a91] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Change redis array pure_cmds from zval to hashtable [a56ed7] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Don't try to set TCP_NODELAY on a unix socket and don't warn on multiple calls to pipeline [d11798, 77aeba] (Michael Grunder)
  • Use zend_string rather than char* for various context fields (err, prefix, etc) [2bf7b2] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Various other library fixes [142b51, 4452f6, e672f4, 658ee3, c9df77, 4a0a46] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

Version 3.1.3

This release contains two big improvements:

  • Adding a new printf like command construction function with additionaly format specifiers specific to phpredis.
  • Implementation of custom objects for Redis and RedisArray wich eliminates double hash lookup.

Also many small improvements and bug fixes were made.

  • A printf like method to construct a Redis RESP command [a4a0ed, d75081, bdd287, 0eaeae, b3d00d] (Michael Grunder)
  • Use custom objects instead of zend_list for storing Redis/RedisArray [a765f8, 8fa85a] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Make sure redisCluster members are all initialized on (re)creation [162d88] (Michael Grunder)
  • Fix Null Bulk String response parsing in cluster library [058753] (Alberto Fern?ndez)
  • Add hStrLen command [c52077, fb88e1] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Add optional COUNT argument to sPop [d2e203] (Michael Grunder)
  • Allow sInterStore to take one arg [26aec4, 4cd06b] (Michael Grunder)
  • Allow MIGRATE to accept multiple keys [9aa3db] (Michael Grunder)
  • Allow using numeric string in zInter command [ba0070] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Use crc32 table from PHP distro [f81694] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Use ZVAL_DEREF macros for dereference input variables [ad4596] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Add configureoption tag to package.xml [750963] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix read_timeout [18149e, b56dc4] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix zval_get_string impl for PHP5 [4e56ba] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix Redis/RedisArray segfaults [be5c1f, 635c3a, 1f8dde, 43e1e0] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Fix memory leak and potential segfault [aa6ff7, 88efaa] (Michael Grunder)
  • Throw exception for all non recoverable errors [e37239] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Assume "NULL bulk" reply as success (empty session data) [4a81e1] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Increase read buffers size [520e06] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Better documentation [f0c25a, c5991f, 9ec9ae] (Michael Grunder)
  • Better TravisCI integration [e37c08] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)
  • Refactoring (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko, Michael Grunder)

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --advisory=FEDORA-2017-6e32e3d72d

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