FEDORA-2017-76a4dcd363 created by siwinski 6 years ago for Fedora 27

CKEditor 4.8

Important Notes

New Features

  • #933: Introduced Balloon Toolbar plugin.
  • #662: Introduced image inlining for the Paste from Word plugin.
  • #468: [Edge] Introduced support for the Clipboard API.
  • #607: Manually inserted Hex color is prefixed with a hash character (#) if needed. It ensures a valid Hex color value is used when setting the table cell border or background color with the Color Dialog window.
  • #584: Font size and Family and Format drop-downs are not toggleable anymore. Default option to reset styles added.
  • #856: Introduced the method. It converts a keystroke into its string representation, returning every key name as a separate array element.
  • #1053: Introduced the method. It allows to merge two objects, returning the new object with all properties from both objects deeply cloned.
  • #1073: Introduced the method. It invokes a given test function on every array element and returns true if all elements pass the test.

Fixed Issues

  • #796: Fixed: A list is pasted from OneNote in the reversed order.
  • #834: [IE9-11] Fixed: The editor does not save the selected state of radio buttons inserted by the Form Elements plugin.
  • #704: [Edge] Fixed: Using <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>/<kbd>Cmd</kbd> + <kbd>Z</kbd> breaks widget structure.
  • #591: Fixed: A column is inserted in a wrong order inside the table if any cell has a vertical split.
  • #787: Fixed: Using Cut inside a nested table does not cut the selected content.
  • #842: Fixed: List style not restored when toggling list indent level in the Indent List plugin.
  • #711: Fixed: Dragging widgets should only work with the left mouse button.
  • #862: Fixed: The "Object Styles" group in the Styles Combo plugin is visible only if the whole element is selected.
  • #994: Fixed: Typo in the CKEDITOR.focusManager.focus API documentation. Thanks to benjy!
  • #1014: Fixed: The Table Tools Cell Properties dialog is now Advanced Content Filter aware — it is not possible to change the cell width or height if corresponding styles are disabled.
  • #877: Fixed: A list with custom bullets with exotic characters crashes the editor when pasted from Word.
  • #605: Fixed: Inline widgets do not preserve trailing spaces.
  • #1008: Fixed: Shorthand Hex colors from the config.colorButton_colors option are not correctly highlighted in the Color Button Text Color or Background Color panel.
  • #1094: Fixed: Widget definition upcast methods are called for every element.
  • #1057: Fixed: The Notification plugin overwrites Web Notifications API due to leakage to the global scope.
  • #1068: Fixed: Upload widget paste listener ignores changes to the uploadWidgetDefinition.
  • #921: Fixed: [Edge] CKEditor erroneously perceives internal copy and paste as type "external".
  • #1213: Fixed: Multiple images uploaded using Upload Image plugin are randomly duplicated or mangled.
  • #532: Fixed: Removed an outdated user guide link from the About dialog.
  • #1221: Fixed: Invalid CSS loaded by Balloon Panel plugin when is loaded using a custom path.
  • #522: Fixed: Widget selection is not removed when widget is inside table cell with Table Selection plugin enabled.
  • #1027: Fixed: Cannot add multiple images to the table with Table Selection plugin in certain situations.
  • #1069: Fixed: Wrong shape processing by Paste from Word plugin.
  • #995: Fixed: Hyperlinked image gets inserted twice by Paste from Word plugin.
  • #1287: Fixed: Widget plugin throws exception if included in editor build but not loaded into editor's instance.

API Changes

Other Changes

  • #815: Removed Node.js dependency from the CKEditor build script.
  • #1041, #1131: Updated URLs pointing to CKSource and CKEditor resources after the launch of new websites.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2017-76a4dcd363

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