enhancement update in Fedora 26 for dnf

Status: stable 2 years ago


  • po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  • Add require of subcommand for repo-pkgs command (Jaroslav Rohel)
  • shell: Fix commands initialization (Jaroslav Rohel)
  • po: Update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  • Add support for --location for repoquery command (RhBug:1290137) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add support of --recursive with --resolve in repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add --recursive option for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add --whatconflicts for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add support for multiple options for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add multiple format option for repoquery (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Fix problem with "dnf repoquery --querytags" (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add support of 3 options into updateinfo command (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Add inheritance of reason for obsoleting packages (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Mark installonlypkgs correctly as user installed (RhBug:1349314) (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Solve a problem with None names in callbacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Solve a problem for callbacks (Jaroslav Mracek)
  • Revert "remove: CLI: --randomwait" (RhBug:1247122) (OndÅ™ej Sojka)
  • po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  • po: update translations (Igor Gnatenko)
  • Set strings for translations (RhBug:1298717) (Jaroslav Mracek)

Comments 8

This update has been submitted for testing by jmracek.

This update has been pushed to testing.

Works great! LGTM! =)

karma: +1

fails to remove the installed packages when removing the language pack as described in the QA test.

critpath: +1 #1247122: +1 #1290137: +1 langpacks packages: -1

works for me

karma: +1

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

This update has been pushed to stable.

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00 #1298717 Translation missing, when package already downloaded.
00 #1349314 Dnf autoremove removes kernel-modules-extra but dnf update reinstalls those kernel modules again.

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-10 Test Case langpacks packages